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"Por favor, yo necesito beber agua."

Translation:Please, I need to drink water.

June 9, 2018



This sentence is like begging.


Yes, I picture a man crawling across the desert to an oasis, begging God. "Please, I need to drink water." "Wa...ter...please!"


Hahaha yes. Who asks for water like that?


Points to myself Stop judging -.-


This sounds like a cry for help.


Putting 'please' to start the sentence is more like a BIG need or a child talking: PLEEEEEEEEEZE, I NEED TO DRINK WATER!!!!


It may have that connotation in English, but not necessarily in Spanish. "I need to drink water, please." is also accepted.


No. It wasn't (12/9/2020)


The duolingo bird took the translators water. He probably skipped a lesson.


I would like to know, why wasnt it Yo necesito "bebo" agua? Instead of Yo necesito "beber" agua? Seeing that Yo= I as in singular.


You only conjugate one verb (the action verb) to the subject per sentence clause. The action verb here is 'necesitar' (to need). The subject is 'I' so that verb becomes 'necesito'. Anything that comes after that is what you need and not what you are doing. The verb 'beber' means 'to drink' and again, because you are not actually drinking something here you do not need to conjugate it.

Let me put it a different way: The important thing to note is that only one verb needs to match the subject. Any other verbs listed would be left in their natural unaltered state. So always ask yourself "What action is being performed here?" That will tell you which verb needs to match the subject.

Did that help?


"Please, I need a drink of water" ... Wouldnt this be a good translation? It does make "drink" a noun instead of verb but context is same.


Exactly, do not change verbs to nouns if you want to be marked as correct. Scroll up for more information.


Poor guy: "give me water please!" Other one:"NO!" Poor guy:"Why are you so cruel!" other one:"fine..." Poor guy:"Than.." Other one:"sike!" poor guy:pasess out Other one:"oh well"


No, not if you ask like that, creep.


I was not replying to the previous person in comments FYI


"I need a drink of water"


No, that would be “Yo necesito una bebida de agua.¨ “Por favor, yo necesito beber agua.” is “Please, I need to drink water.” (Oh, the drama of it all! ... As I crawl into town from the desert...).


Is that why telenovellas are so popular?


Isnt por favor, excuse me as well??


I cant understand the speaker!!


Why is, 'please, i need water to drink', not okay?


That would have been “Por favor, necesito agua para beber.”


Think of your English sentence structure & apply it to Spanish. Where is your verb? Need. Who or what needs? I need. I need what? Water. What do you need water FOR? "To drink."

Spanish works the same mostly. So you would lay the sentence out the same. Verb need, nesecito. Who or what needs? I need. Yo necesito. What do you need? Water, agua. To drink FOR? para beber. Yo necesito agua para beber. Add in any other words as needed like Please, por favor. And you get: "Por favor, yo necesito agua para beber."

Hope this helps because it wasn't until I started doing this that I understood English & it wasn't until I started applying this in Spanish that sentence structure made sense. Like saying "I dont want." Or "I dont need." Do not want - the NOT is always before the verb. "Want" yet it seemed wierd where you put "Yo no quiero" sometimes to me, but once i thought about it, it SHOULD always be before thr verb - just like English! Even if its backwards in the Spanish sentence! Just remember your rules!


Except that in English “not” come after the conjugated part of the verb, “I do not...” and “he does not”. Most of the time, it would be better to learn Spanish word order for Spanish and English word order for English.



Watch out, you accidentally flipped your consonants on your first instance of “necesito”.


It shows its wrong though I have given the correct answer


What did you put and which instructions were you given? Take a screenshot and add it to your report if that is actually true.


This is really awkward in english - we'd say "i need a drink of water"


Agreed your version would be much more likely. Ultimately, that is irrelevant. This isn't really awkward at all and this is the sentence Duo gave us to translate. Your sentence would be: Necesito un bebida de agua.


Jajajaja nosotros los latino desimos eso todos lo dias XD


I think they didn't have to put "por-favor".


"Pleas" should be correct with a typo...everything else was correct. I guess since it is an actual word within itself it is considered wrong. :-(


The duolingo owl told me this is what my husband was saying when he was taken as a result of me losing my streak..


App can't read at times lol


I dont understand! When do we use 'beber' can anyone explain


beber = to drink (infinitive form of verb which is used after a conjugated verb)

yo necesito = I need (infinitive form of verb comes next or a noun)


Plot twist this person is begging for water because this person forgot to do their Spanish lesson.Then Duo took this innocent persons water and forced him to say this in Spanish

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