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"Ella tiene dos clases el martes."

Translation:She has two classes on Tuesday.

June 9, 2018



Sorry, I thought I heard him say "en Martes" not "el Martes" - my error


If you listen to it at normal speed, it sounds like "en martes". If you slow it down, it sounds like "el martes". I'll report it.


i heard the exact same thing: en in fast el in slow

[deactivated user]

    It still does that - 17/10/2018


    I played it twice and it sounds like she says 'en martes' not 'el martes' though I am at fault for not putting down what I know is right vs what I hear.


    you did hear it, i put it on slow and still heard en


    This has confused me a lot so I just need some answers. Why is it el martes and not en martes, and why do they keep switching between the two? Any answer is appreciated!


    English on Tuesday is translated into Spanish as el martes; it is not a word-for-word translation.

    If the two classes on Tuesday were a regular event, you might say in English either "She has two classes on Tuesdays" or "She has two classes on a Tuesday". As far as I can make out, for repeating events such as this, you would be able to use en martes, so "She has two classes on a Tuesday" could be translated as "Ella tiene dos clases en martes". So far on this course, I don't believe I have seen any examples of this construction.


    I seemed to remember the proper spanish way is to use the plural los or las to indicate the repetition."Definite articles".


    Is this form actually acceptable in Spanish?

    Do you really not use a future tense form of the verb?


    Download 4001 verbs, excellent y will teach you the 16 o 17 different conjugations


    Hello friends.

    I from Honduras.

    Es correcto por que estamos hablando de 2 clases, y estamos usando un adjetivo cuantitativo que modifica al sustantivo que describe convirtiendolo asi en plural, y en este caso colcoamos CLASSES

    Si fuera una clase seria CLASS

    It is correct because we are talking about 2 classes, and we are using a quantitative adjective that modifies the noun it describes turning it into a plural form, and in this case we place CLASSES


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    thank you very much for the info in both Spanish and English!!!


    No entiendo porque agunas veces veo -1 y otras 1 And I can't say the rest in spanish! But this stupid up and down vote really get me. like yours ErikM it seem to have a down vote (minus) and I can't see or imagine why - lo que has escribido es muy bueno y interesante. No soy muy fuerto en gramatica pero pensio que lo entiendo bien. Ademas nos das la traducione en ingles (pulgar por encima...trato de decir "thumb up"!) Oh mama mia - madre mia se puedo...eso esta dos anos pasados ! Siempre me ovido de leer las fechas


    "She has two Tuesday classes". Should that also be considered correct?


    The reason why it should be “two classes on Tuesday” is because that would be translating the text directly. It says “dos clases el martes” the word “el” in this sentence is translating as “on” and if you take that out, then you just took out one of the words it wanted you to translate


    I replied exactly the same as the answer they gave, but I was marked wrong. This had happened many times. Please, improve your software Duolingo


    If it is plural classes not singular class, should it not be los martes instead of just the el


    No, because "Ella tiene dos clases los martes" would mean "She has two classes on Tuesdays", i.e. she has two classes every Tuesday, but the sentence is only talking about a single Tuesday.


    Shouldn't it be "she is having two classes on Tuesday"?


    That would be understood, but it is not standard English. Not that Duo is a stickler for standard English (e.g. forcing us to use "a lot" so often).

    [deactivated user]

      So how would you say "she has two classes on Tuesdays" meaning she takes/teaches two classes every Tuesday as opposed to just this one particular Tuesday?


      El martes - on Tuesday

      Los martes - on Tuesdays

      That article is the key.


      Good to learn literal word for word AND understood meaning. Helps a lot.


      Looks funny to me "El Martes" Singular and plural at the same time? My answer though was ok with "on Monday" (which was the only choice given for the English translation, that is singular) I would have expected los martes....?


      El Martes is the singular form.

      English and Spanish both use the singular for habitual actions.


      I'm going stupid! Lunes, martes, miercoles,.... Looking at it on its own ...I derailed and because it ended with an S thought it was plural ! Lo siento mucho de ser tan tonto ...I can't believe i did this!


      No worries. That's why the forums are here. Sometimes we need to talk it out to see a mistake. :)


      Type what l hear ? I should always "turtle" to make sure. Heard N not L


      Why can't you put the number in place of spelling put the number


      Probably because you're learning Spanish and they are making sure you know the WORD for two


      why isn't it "Ella tiene dos clases los martes."?


      This male voice pronounces "el" as "en" on a regular basis.


      When it is in normal it sounds like 'en


      I had the correct answer , what happened?


      Elle tiene dos clases el martes ... Ir keeps saying im wrong


      I don't think Elle is a word, or at least it's not the correct word in this situation.


      What did i get wrong? It is the same


      I did day all the words correctly


      I hit check button early by mistake.


      Oh my. Please stop using that annoying shrill voice.


      It is almost impossible to understand that voice. Please get rid of it.


      This is a user forum, so we cannot do anything about the voice.


      My answer is identical to the correct answer and it was signaled as incorrect


      From personal experience, I've sometimes had to compare my answer letter by letter before I spot my error when I think my answer has wrongly been marked incorrect. If after doing that, you're still sure your answer is the correct one, then take a screenshot and raise a bug report with Duolingo. Instructions for doing that are at support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-


      Why isn't it clases, it's dos.


      This male narrator with the deeper voice is pretty creepy sounding. Just sayin'.


      Why do en & el sound the same on your recordings


      I had the answer with the exception of "Elle" and was marked wrong. It should have counted right with a mispelling.


      Why isnt it clases, its dos


      It is clases. See the top of this page.


      I wrote in instead of on, because I'm not a native speaker in English, the rest was right and it considered it as an error.. it's a Spanish class not an English one


      In an on mean different things though


      Yep and they mean different things in different languages, at least in some contexts.

      For instance, Spanish uses "en" which means "in" in places where English would use "on" or "at" such as "en vienes" "on Friday" or "en universidad" "at University".

      So as they are not a native English speaker, they didn't know which preposition was used in this exercise.


      Er, i realized you don't say "en vienes", and don't actually use a preposition in the Spanish form but rather the article "el".

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