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Pop songs?

Does anyone know nay good pop songs in german? Whenever I try to search for some i keep getting early 2000's music and rock which i'm not really into.

June 9, 2018



Mark Forster is pretty decent 'fresh' electro pop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jP4-XrbGt3M


German speakers often call this kind of music "Schlager". That should help you find it.


Max Giesinger's "80 Millionen" is my favorite;
Namika's "Lieblingsmensch" is the best song to sing along to (in my opinion);
Any song by Wincent Weiss; Cro - a mix between pop and rap - super good in my opinion, I love "Traum" and "Bye-Bye" ; Mark Forester is fantastic (I love Chöre, Sowieso, Au Revoir, Wenn sie Tanzt, Wir sind groß); Meine Kneipe is really good, its by Von Wegen Lisbeth; Fliegerlied is a children's song that is also a super popular song to sing in bars and while intoxicated. But its also super fun to dance to on your own or with friends once you learn the dance moves and the lyrics (which will be in no time).

I hope this helped!

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