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Translating question, about a portion of a sentence from a Duolingo Restaurant Lesson.

La oración de Duolingo – “¿Tienes un plato favorito en este restaurante?”

Mi pregunta es, ¿por qué “en este restaurante” (“in this restaurant”, instead of “at this resturant”)?

O estoy pensando demasiado.

¡Gracias por ayudarme!

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

June 9, 2018


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In Spanish "a" generally follows either a verb of movement (ir, venir, ...) or a few other verbs (Aprender is normally followed by an "a" before an infinitive).

This isn't a verb of movement or one of those exceptions. The "action" in this sentence is taking place in one location (the restaurant) with no movement. So you can't use "a." And "en" is the preposition normally used in this situation.

So while in English you can say "in this restaurant" or "at this restaurant" in this sentence, in Spanish you need to use "en este restaurant".


Thanks for explaining this to me.

The difference between "a"(movement) and "en"(non-movement) and how they are used. Which, sounds like this is a hard rule which cannot be broken.

From what you said, it seems like Spanish is a little more ridged than English. Though I must say, learning Spanish is proving to be easier for me to learn compared to my native language (English).

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

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I should clarify that this en/a distinction is only useful for certain situations (like when you're talking about locations). The prepositions are also used for other things in Spanish (the "personal a" for example). You have to learn the uses of prepositions as you go.

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Para mi, hay lo mismo. En español, quien sabe.


¡Lo siento! ¿Pero, yo penso, “para mí, hay lo mismo” (Translation: To me, there is (are) the same), esta oración no sentido?

La oración debe ser, “para mí, ellos son lo mismo (To me, they are the same)”.

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!


En has many possible translations.


"At this restaurant" should be accepted. If not, report it.


I think it has to do with where in America you live or what English country you are from. For me, in this restaurant would be normal and my answer but if you are from another part of the country you naturally say at this restaurant instead. But in Spanish it’s in. But again even in Spanish it probably will have a lot to do with what region you are (in or at).


Can't en also mean at?


At least According to Duolingo it does. I just had that come up while doing my lesson today. They used en for at so you are probably right that en can also mean at.

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