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"These citizens are trying to leave the island."

Translation:Estos ciudadanos están tratando de salir de la isla.

June 9, 2018



In Duolingo lessons, they usually use the present tense for verbs like "they are trying" such as "ellos tratan". Here, they only allow "estan tratando".


How common is it to say FROM the island? I had written estos ciudadanos esta tratando de salir la isla . and Duo didn't take it.


Salir de + obj. is a set expression. In Spanish, it doesn't necessarily mean "leave from"; it just means "leave." It's always salir de una casa, salir del edificio, etc., never salir la escuela or the like.


I agree, but also why not dejar


"Estos ciudadanos intentan irse de la isla"

is wrong?


Why cannot I say? ... están probando abandonar la isla?


"Probar" is used when you're trying, tasting, or sampling foods, for example. If you are trying in the sense of attempting to do something or making an effort to do something, you have to use "tratar de" or intentar."


Thank you for your answer but are you sure about it?

I was just trying to load a song in Spotify and it couldn't load it, so I got a pop up with a button: "Probar de nuevo" meaning tratar de nuevo, which is not associated with trying something physical but rather to intent/try again.

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