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Not Gotten a New Tree?

I would just like to know who out there still has not gotten the new Spanish tree? And for those who have, what are your thoughts on the new addition? Thanks!


June 10, 2018



I'm still waiting for it. When it arrives, I shall name it "Godot".


I still haven't gotten it yet, but I'm excited for it!


No new tree for me lweltin. I want it!


I didn't get the new tree (but I finished the old one, before the crown system). I have starting friend that got the new tree with lots of new unlock because animal was switch much later (haha). But in my tree, I sometime get new interactive (experimental?) lesson. They pop in sometime, and give me more experience points... they are interesting and pretty good at understanding what I say (even the small mistakes). Are they in the new tree as well?


I haven't got the Spanish tree yet, but I have heard it will be very good!


I still have the old tree.

Info from another thread :

Crowns = 305 --> 567

Skills = 61 --> 113

Lessons = 317 --> 520

Lexemes = 2151 --> 3309

The new tree has 50 more skills and 200 more lessons. That's an average of 4 lessons per skill. Short skills.

Number of Lexemes is up by more than 1000 (up 50%). More duplicates ? Another way of counting lexemes ?


If you mean the massive amount of purple circles, then I have. It has put me back quite a bit as the crowns that I had been building up again after they were diminished when the crowns were introduced have been reduced again. I now have to start again. I know that I am learning but I do like to see what I am ending up with and to put so many extra lessons in on work that I had already passed was depressing. Never mind, I am soldiering on.


That's actually quite demotivating. I still have the old tree, and I've just about got all of my crowns to skill level 4. Are you saying that when they give me the new tree, all the work I've done to bring all my skills to level 4 will be reset?


Same old tree.


How can I get the new tree?


They are supposed to update your tree pretty soon here...


I got it, a lot of repetition but I guess this is a good way to learn. Unfortunately I lost a whole bunch of crowns with this new tree


I got it in January as I vounteered to give feed back. It was OK until the Crowns came in, which I got fairly early on the app (round about February) but a bit later on the PC, which I mainly use as I find it more challenging, however when the crowns came in on the PC and I had to use it I found the level 0 (now purple skills) were a lot more basic, a lot of identifying the picture and it did not take much time to get all those skills up to level 1. After that I've slowed down a lot because it all seems more monotonous, the same questions seem to be repeated again and again in the different levels. For instance the last skill, "Conditional Perfect", I was only given 52 different sentences and only approx. 120 different words in the 15 different lessons (with approx. 20 sentences in each one) across all the 5 levels.


My wife and I both have the new Spanish tree. And we're both very impressed with it. We're planning to move to Spain late next year and are working hard to learn the language. The new material introduced with the new tree is a big help.


Still waiting for the new tree


Aun tengo viejo arbol


Same old tree - but my husband got the new tree this morning.


Todavía utilizando el árbol viejo :(


I had the new tree for four days, worked really hard to level up, and then got moved back to the OLD tree. Ugh.

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