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"Kateřina a on k sobě jsou upřímní."

Translation:Kateřina and he are honest with each other.

June 10, 2018



As for this particular sentence, the word order seems forced in the translation: I think it sound more "normal" to put the pronoun in first position and the proper name second. "He and Kateřina..."


i agree with Clive Alive


All the listening exercises have started bugging. I am getting word suggestions for the answer (which I didn't use to) and despite typing (or assembling from the word suggestions) the correct answer, I get an error


There is no way we can help, you have to complain to Duolingo, not to individual sentences. Prepare some good evidence like screenshots.


Figured, but couldn't find a way to report the bug. It's not an option in the "report" section (these only speak to the translation). Thanks anyway!


There is no such button. Just go to the appropriate Discusion section, like perhaps https://www.duolingo.com/topic/647 , and make a report.


"Katerina and he" does not make sense gramatically. "He and Katerina" does, or "Katerina and him", but never "Katerina and he". Forced translation.


Actually, "and he" makes much better sense grammatically than "and him" the same way "and I" makes better sense grammatically than "and me" (for a sentence subject that is).

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