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"Una mesa para tres, por favor."

Translation:A table for three, please.

June 10, 2018



When you're inquiring about the availability of a table, would it be okay to say "¿Tiene una mesa para tres?" ? Is there a more polite way to ask this?


It is perfectly okay and the natural thing to say. The only way you could make it more polite (but perhaps a bit affected) is "¿Tendría una mesa para tres?", where tendría is the conditional form of tiene (think "Would you have" vs "Do you have").

Oddly enough, here in Spain we tend to leave out "una" in this particular case when speaking colloquially, even though it is bad grammar...

[deactivated user]

    A table for 300 plz LOL


    ....and, my response is: "A table for three."


    this is what we all say when we want a table for 3 we say "una mesa tres por favor"


    Why "una", but not "uno"?


    I think it's because mesa is a "feminine" noun, "la mesa", and that's why. El - uno, la - una.


    It's weird to me how the word are written as either masculine or feminine but do not denote sexuality. For example "la piano", "petra" or "el libro."


    I had all the words

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