"We are buying more plants for the garden."

Translation:Compramos más plantas para el jardín.

6 months ago



Why not 'Nosotros son compramos más plantas para el jardin' ? Any thoughts?

1 month ago


I thought"buying" would be estamos comprando. Please help.

6 months ago

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For some reason, duolingo is allowing present indicative to mean the same as present progressive.

I don't agree with it and I think it's confusing to new Spanish learners to have two ways of saying something with no explanation given by duolingo as to the difference between them or which one should be used and when.

Present indicative: compramos - we buy

Present progressive: estamos comprando - we are buying

They essentially mean the same thing, there's no difference between:

compramos más plantas para el jardin - we buy more plants for the garden

estamos comprando más plantas para el jardin - we are buying more plants for the garden.

But because duolingo is interchanging them to mean the same thing, they should ALLOW both answers.

6 months ago


Audreywill. El presente continuo inglés se traduce al español como presente simple indicativo. Regards

1 month ago


Thank you for your superb explanation. Duo is really confusing me with all of these.

6 months ago
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