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"The concert is not on Sunday."

Translation:El concierto no es el domingo.

2 months ago



Why is it not "El concierto no es en domingo"?

1 month ago

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Because that's not how it's said in Spanish. They say "es el domingo" or "no es el domingo."

Prepositions and article use (the, a) vary a lot between language to language. Prepositions often express really abstract things -- why do we say a game or appointment is "on" a day? A day isn't a table or a shelf! It's just an idea, a chunk of time with a convenient label.

It's tempting to think that "en" means "on", but it really doesn't. Sometimes it's used like we use "on", sometimes it's used like we use "at" -- "el chico está en la mesa" "the boy is at the table" -- and sometimes, like here, it isn't used at all.

It's just it's own thing; you just have to learn how it's used in Spanish.

2 weeks ago


Great question and great answer!!! Pero, tengo otra pregunta ahora... What IF I wanted to emphasize that the boy is actually ON the table? Would I just say sobre? El niño está sobre la mesa?

2 weeks ago


When do you us the "el" before the day of the week?

2 months ago


When a day of the week follows a form of the verb ser, no article is used. For example: Today is Monday (Hoy es lunes)

This link will help you more: https://www.spanishdict.com/guide/using-the-definite-article-in-spanish

1 month ago


Usually when saying ON Sunday, etc.

1 month ago