"Tutakula vizuri kwa hiyo tutakuwa na afya"

Translation:We will eat well therefore we will be healthy

June 10, 2018



'afya' is a noun 'health'. 'na' as a standalone word is 'and'. How then is the translation be healthy?

June 10, 2018


'kuwa na afya' translates to 'have health' = be healthy. The adjective in Swahili is '-zima', which also means alive/fully grown/adult/whole

June 10, 2018


kuwa na = be with = have

tutakuwa na afya = we will be with health = have health = we will be healthy
tulikuwa na njaa = we were with hunger = we had hunger = we were hungry

June 11, 2018


OK, I like that for once the recommended translation is something we'd really say in English, however so far everywhere else it insists on using health in some form instead of healthy. Consistency, they name is NOT the Swahili course.

July 9, 2018
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