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Mi pregunta Command vs Request

Yo tengo pregunta, la frase “Un café sin azúcar”, acerca mande oración.

Por ejemplo; In English I would say (Coffee without sugar) if the server asked me what I want to drink. If, I was not asked I would say I would like (or I want) a coffee without sugar.

Maybe it’s just a translation problem that I am learning to work thru to become better educated about Spanish speaking, reading and writing.

¡Gracias por ayudarme!

¡Buena suerte, con sus estudios!

June 10, 2018



The same applies for Spanish, but it is not absolute, you can use both in any situation. It is only a "preferred" form.


My understanding is in English saying “may I have” or “i would like” is polite

But in spanish ignoring these and just saying “coffee without sugar” is not seen as rude or a command as it might be in English.

But take that with a grain of salt as I am no expert :P

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