Learning Jyutping (Cantonese Romanization) & Cantonese Learning (In General)

I've personally never ventured into the area of learning Cantonese romanization because I never saw the point as I can speak Cantonese fluently and can read a good portion of Simplified Chinese characters.

However, I was just reading several articles online and answers on Quora about learning Cantonese and realized there are several systems for romanizing Cantonese words and phrases.

I admit the romanization looks pretty foreign and weird so I spent the last week studying the romanization system, Jyutping to be exact and found it to be pretty cool but weird and foreign.

So in my research I found many articles detailing the Jyutping system and the pronunciation so am posting this to help anyone who is learning Cantonese using the Jyutping system in particular. (Pretty helpful pronunciation guide) (Another pronunciation guide) (General Cantonese resources I created) (Comprehensive chart of Jyutping -- really helpful)

General Cantonese Resources

Also the Department of State's FSI language collection has a Cantonese sub-section so you should check that out if you want to learn Cantonese, not just Jyutping.

And with the popular "101" courses:

And these sites are pretty cool too: (Available on App Store/Google Play Store)

If anyone has heard of any other resources, please share them! Free Cantonese learning resources are hard to find on the internet these days.

June 10, 2018


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