Discussion topics are out of control

Too many discussions 3-4 years old about irrelevant topics

After so many years and so many people we need some tools to sort through all this data or the whole discussion system ceases to be helpful.

I just wanted to find a status update on the coming Arabic for English tree. Far too many very old requests for the feature

Suggestions: Sort most recent first More advanced search tools Find ways to remove old stuff

One of the great strengths of duolingo has been its users and the suggestions they make (and of course duolingo paying attention to them). This cannot last with so much material.

June 10, 2018


Edit: The search button in the forum has long ago ceased to be useful (if it ever was.) Googling it might help. Did you check popular? The link I gave you has more than 40 upvotes...

Edit #2: And here is the Incubator update (in French):

June 10, 2018

yeah the search really sux @ss, but there is a way to narrow it a bit:

June 11, 2018
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