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  5. "I was her husband."

"I was her husband."

Translation:Já jsem byl její muž.

June 10, 2018



What about "Byl jsem její manžel" ?


That is correct and accepted.


Why is "Jsem byl její manžel" wrong?


you may want to read the tips and notes for this skill. the past tense auxiliary is a constant clitic.


"Byla jsem její muž," even though the gender doesn't "match," could technically be correct. The voice could be of a transgender woman who was married to a woman in the past, for instance. Lots of things from the past can change. Not trying to be political here, merely factual.


That, or a brain surgery like in the "Pane vy jste vdova!"/"Mister you are a widow!" movie. Gramatically it is possible, but might be confusing for learners. So not sure if it is a good idea to accept it.

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