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  5. "An important professor."

"An important professor."

Translation:Un profesor importante.

June 10, 2018



Note: “Una profesora importante” is also a correct translation.

June 12, 2018


Thanks! That's what I had and it was marked wrong.


I have a question : in spanish end of adjectives depend on gender of the noun. what about importante in this sentence?


If I type in the male version correctly...no comment. If I type in the female version...I get the male version as another correct response. Come on duolingo..seriously?


The way Duolingo works in that if your typo is a true typo you do not get dinged for it. But if your typo happens to make another dictionary word, then the Duolingo computer sees what you typed as being a wrong word and you get dinged for typing a wrong word.


I see, thanks. I suppose there is some logic to that approach.


if you type in a feminine version, it gives you a masculine as an alternative, should go both ways, or the defaults should be such that they alternate, encouraging you to remember both genders in spanish


bit harsh to count me wrong for adding an extra "s" to "profesor". Usually you get dinged for a typo!


I guess, but that particular typo is also a common misspelling of the word. Some people actually think that there are two S's in the Spanish word!


It does that to me too!!! If i go to type in something and accidentally spell it wrong it marks me wrong. I dont know how to spell some some of them words!!!


then i make another mistake for dropping the "t" from "importante" and get dinged for a typo. Go figure!


I used profesor in one sentence your answer was professor. So, I did the same with the next sentence which was answered profesor


I put 2 s's y I git it wrong


there's only 1 s un profesor, then there's two in a professor


I have a request if someone can help with word order. Una universidad importante marked incorrect because importante should come first according to Duo.When the next question came up I put un importante profesor it was corrected as profesor important. How does word order differ for these?


I spelt the word profesor wrong , but I had the correct translation.


professor =maestro..??? yo creo !


Teachers and professors are usually classified as two different roles, with teachers being at the pre-K through highschool levels and professors usually being at colleges, I think.


I unwillingly typed un profesor impotente

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