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"The part"

Translation:Το μέρος

June 10, 2018



Question...how can μέρος be neutral?? I always thought that if it ended in ος it would be masculine


I always thought that if it ended in ος it would be masculine

No, while most nouns ending in -ος are masculine, there are also feminine and neuter ones with this ending. For example, η οδός (the street), η περίμετρος (the perimeter), το μέρος, το δάσος (the forest), το έδαφος (the ground).


Okay. Thank you very much for that.


So how can the plural of a neuter noun end in η?


When a neuter noun ends with -ος in nominative singular, it forms nominative plural ending with -η. Το μέρος-τα μέρη, το κράτος-τα κράτη, το πάθος-τα πάθη, το μήκος-τα μήκη etc


Learn something new every day! Thanks for your quick replies!


Up until this lesson the nouns have had the genders listed with them in the hints. When coming across the words for the first time this is invaluable - in any classroom learning of languages that I've experienced it is always stressed that it is better to learn the gender with the noun. In this lesson the genders don't seem to be present.


the hover hint for 'the' is Η instead of Το. reported.


Does anyone else use μερος to refer to a washroom or is that just regional slang?


It's slang. Not regional, but a fading one, mostly used by older people.

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