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I have finished German level A2 in goethe institute, is the Duolingo tree a waste of time for me?

i am at level 11 now and its quiet easy for me (up to now ) however I find new words/expressions while doing the tree , plus i noticed I have solidified some concepts that I have already known during my studies. I have read that finishing the tree gets you to around A2, so is it worth it to invest the time in Duolingo or should I invest my time in another "higher lever " studying methods .


June 11, 2018



It is definitely NOT a waste of time, I assure you! I am minoring in the German language at my University, and have taken it for the past four semesters. I like to use Duolingo in conjunction with my textbooks and flashcards to study during my winter/summer/fall/spring breaks. I hope to be fluent by the time I graduate (in another two years). As I don't use Duolingo during the semester while I am at school (because I'm taking German in class), I always find that I fall behind in my Duo lessons and am far more knowledgeable when I return. Sometimes that does get a tad annoying (especially when I reached the numbers section), but I find it helps to remind myself of old vocabulary and become more comfortable with the language. Plus, because Duolingo runs on a different curriculum than what I have at school, I learn new words/phrases/etc.

I also try to listen to music in German - memorizing the lyrics to help remember the meaning later on (works like a charm). I downloaded a German news app (Die Frankfurter Zeitung), which I find helps as well.

My point being - you cannot only depend on your lessons in school regardless of how far you have gotten. Duolingo will help solidify your base and make it easier for you in the future. However, the choice remains entirely up to you... Good luck!


Duo only teaches basics, by good basics. Keep doing it if you think you’re learning enough


Like guomashi says, I would complete the tree by reaching Level 1 in all skills and then decide. I think the genitive case, relative pronouns, reflexive verbs, and some vocabulary (esp. the 'Abstract Objects' skills) could be potentially new. In any case, Duo is a good practice and might help in recollecting the grammar rules and declensions.

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