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  5. "The heat melted the ice."

"The heat melted the ice."

Translation:chuch tet tuj.

June 11, 2018



I am wondering about why we don't say chuch tetmoH tuj? If tet can only be used transitively, then to say "The ice melted", do we say chech tetlu'?


The Klingon Dictionary definition just says "melt" which makes it impossible to tell if it is transitive or intransitive. I prefer to treat such words as if they are intransitive since I can always make them transitive by using -moH. However, Dr. Okrand will often use such words both ways. I believe the only example we have of this word in the canon is from the paq'batlh where it is used transitively, so we at least have to accept the transitive use of the word. The boQwI' app, based on that example, goes so far as to claim that, "The object is the thing which is melted." Which would imply that you always have to indicate who or what did the melting (though you could use -lu' to be indefinite).


The example is this:

tujqu'choHmo' QeHchaj / nagh tetlaH tujvam / QIStaq HoS rur
Their anger so hot, / It could only melt the rock / Like the mighty Kri'stak.

The relevant bit is:
nagh tetlaH tujvam
This heat can melt rock(s).

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