Add me please !!!!! I need to practice English

Add me please

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Hi, Welcome to Duolingo!

This is the Troubleshooting forum, which is for bug reports, questions about how Duolingo works, and getting technical help. Once you've done some more lessons and leveled up you'll have access to other forums.

Here are a couple of links to help you get started:
Wiki and FAQ

Having followers will not help you learn or practice English, unfortunately. - you create an account and then search for practice partners. You can search by various criteria such as gender, age, nationality, hobbies. You can search for pen pals, audio chat partners, or video chat partners. You can use their internal messaging service if you don't want to give out your email address.

Also check out iTalki, weSpeke, Busuu, and goSpeaky.

Hace 7 meses
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