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Microphone isn't working

When I did my first few lessons and had to speak into my macbook's built in microphone, it worked. But now for some reason it does not. I made sure it is turned on on Duolingo's setting, and the input volume is all the way up on my system preferences in the sound folder. Why doesn't it work anymore? I can't do the exercises without being able to speak into the microphone!

April 27, 2014



you don't have to use a microphone. only if you really want to. I suggest just leaving the microphone alone for a while. if it still doesn't work then maybe its broken. The best thing to do would be to simply not use the microphone.


I would recommend posting this in the Troubleshooting section. You might get more responses there.


Hi! I'm moving this to the troubleshooting section, which is where you can ask for help or report bugs.

So, what browser are you using? I just mentioned this following to another community member who was experiencing some microphone woes: "I'd suggest using the latest version of Chrome because Duolingo works best there. If you're on firefox you're going to want to check that flash is installed. You'll need to make sure that you authorize Duolingo to have access to your microphone in the Flash privacy settings. Go here: http://j.mp/10jCImV. Once you've done this, make sure you also have the microphone enabled in your account settings at http://duolingo.com/#/settings/account. Finally, close your browser and open it again." Let me know if this helps!

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