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Additional Resources for Spanish

Hello all,

I know Duolingo is our favorite language learning site, but I hope everyone will share additional resources for learning Spanish here.

I know Rosetta and Babbel, but please share any others you find helpful.

June 11, 2018



There are tons on the unofficial Wiki at http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Spanish

Some of my favorites: SpanishDict, Extr@ video series, News in Slow Spanish, and RTVE.es channel 5 radio. A lot of folks really like Destinos, too.


Here are a some of my favorites:

  • Wordreference (dictionary app) I also have various hard-copy dictionaries that I've collected over time.

  • Forvo (pronunciation) - youtube videos are good too

  • Netflix - I watch TV shows

  • A New Reference Grammar of Modern Spanish

  • Lots of different grammar exercise books. I have my favorites but check out your local bookstore to find which you like.

  • Novels. I started with fairy tales, then moved on from there.

  • Google search. Obvious but helpful for various grammar questions.


Here's an incredibly exhaustive list of resources put together a few weeks ago



Great resource. Thank you.

  • 1790

Memrse.com, spanishdict.com are a couple more. Good luck!


Google "notes in Spanish"

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