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"Warum nehmen wir an, dass der Chef alles weiß?"

Translation:Why do we assume the boss knows everything?

June 11, 2018



I put "why do we take it that the boss know everything" which pretty well means the the same, but was flagged as wrong.

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reported that "why do we accept that ... " isn't accepted


Hmm, "annehmen" can mean "to accept", yes, but this is used in the context of accepting objects, like a prize, a foreign or very dirty banknote, a letter, a proposal, an apology, a challenge, or "The machine isn't accepting my debit card".

"annehmen, dass ..." will be understood to mean "to assume that [something is like this]".

"to accept that [something is like this]" = "akzeptieren, dass ..."


Why's "Why do we assume that the chief knows everything?" wrong?


Hail Leviathan, there's a difference between a chief and a boss, a boss makes important decisions of a organization and the chief is the important person of the organisation.

Therr are several differences, but this is the main difference.

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