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  5. "Fine, and you?"

"Fine, and you?"

Translation:Bien, ¿y tú?

June 11, 2018



I was counted off for "¿Estoy bien, y usted?" I am not certain that my answer was so very wrong.


Está bien, y usted? - perfect Spanish, and so is "Bien, ¿y tú?". Get it together Duo....


I mean, technically it's correct, but I think duolingo means for you to answer "how are you" rather than "how is she/he".

This, though, is why I'd rather we practice responding in conversational manner rather than translating sentences back and forth. For example, in Korea, rather than "how are you" we ask, "are you well" so the answer is "yes" or people might even just nod and ask "are you well" back. So I've seen many people who learned English by translating just answer "how are you" by parroting the phrase back or even saying "yes". Learning the pragmatics of how the phrases are used would have helped, and in this case, would have helped to know whether we must say "estoy bien" or if we are talking about third person and must say "está bien".

But I guess that would be extra coding to account for all possible responses.


I just wanted to say for those who dont know, asking "¿y tú?" After someone asks you how you are is very important because some might find it offending if you don't ask them. I found out the hard way so yeah..


Lol, being from the South (USA) I'd say it's almost impossible for me not to say, "and you?" :) We're made to say a lot of things other people in the US don't say. I'd hate to have to learn english!


Why not bueno or buena?


You can say bueno/buena

For example

Bueno, ¿y tú? or Buena, ¿y tú?

Good, and you?

Bien just translates into fine

But both are acceptable


Why is ''tu'' used and not ''estas''? Surely, the person is saying ''fine. How are you?''


Why not estoy buen y tu?


If u said estoy bien that translates to i am fine, and if u got it wrong it probably was because they weren't looking for the i am! but it is still perfectly fine to use estoy!


My keyboard don't have the downward question mark option


very good ! and you , subtle but different , not a literal translation


I used bueno and used and got it wrong.


I said "Bien, ¿como estas?" and I was told it was wrong. Why?


Doesn't bien mean good, tho? Not just "fine?" I used así así, would that work in a normal conversation?


Is it wrong to say "bien, y ti?"


Why can't I just type the answers manyally?


is "Estoy bien, y tu?" incorrect?

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