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"Ella va a cambiar la fecha de la fiesta."

Translation:She is going to change the date of the party.

June 11, 2018



This pronunciation of the "va a" is extremely poor. These 2 separate words become 1 when she pronounces them - indistinguishable. I have amigos Latinos and when I ask them to pronounce it I can clearly hear the separation. The original female speaker's I used to listen always pronunced clearly and better paced the phrases. I don't hold to others arguments that "in real life every person will speak different speeds so get uses to it". I understand that - but we are here to learn. Once I have a good grasp of the language, then I can engage in the day to day immersive experience of dealing with different speakers. Simple andragogical fundamentals.


The voices here aren't specifically designed for learners, but they are parts of a commercial TTS.

Spoken Spanish does not use glottal stops or different vowel lengths, so neighbouring vowels will run into each other when speaking. A similar thing happens in English if you pronounce "I can see a little": the "a" will vanish into the "see" if you don't speak especially carefully.


why not she is going to change the party's date?


That should be accepted (I haven't tried, I'm just voicing my opinion).


I tried that, and it is not accepted (sadly). Usually in these cases (noun + "de" + noun) Duo uses the possessive, so I did that, but it doesn't accepted it, and instead suggested "She is going to change the date of the do."


Does "la fiesta" ever mean festival as we use it in English?


A fiesta is usually translated as "party", somewhat smaller and mostly private. Spanish also has the term festival for the large, public ones.


Language is so funny - I am hearing more often "fiesta" being used for a festival in English.


English probably uses it to sound more Spanish. It would hardly sound foreign if it just used festival instead.


"She is going to change the party's date." It should have been accepted.


Not accepted, unfortunately; 28 May 2021


Duolingo is telling mr my andwer is erong beforr I am ablevto resd it

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If your answer is as clear as your comment here, I'm really not surprised šŸ˜€


"Fiesta" is a party in the USA, too.


Is it because of Covid?

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