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  5. "Fruit seedling"

"Fruit seedling"

Translation:Mche wa matunda

June 11, 2018



The problem is that the supposed correct answer was just "mche" not "mche wa matunda" or any variation thereof.


Is mche for fruit only? I thought it was for any kind of seedling. New rule?


I'm not sure what your thought process was. What I see above is:

"Fruit seedling"
Mche wa matunda

Mche is indeed for any type of seedling. The word wa basically means "of" and matunda is the word that carries the meaning "fruit" (in the plural, meaning pieces of fruit, not just one piece).

It should be pretty transparent, so I'm wondering if there was some Duolingo glitch that just showed you "mche" alone as the answer. It wouldn't be the first time.


on mobile, it showed me the correct answer as just "mche"


I wrote "mche wa tunda" but Duo showed me "mche" as the correct answer. Which is weird given that somewhere earlier Duo had insisted the answer for "plant seedling" is "mche wa mmea". So, the question is, "when did they decide seedling of something can be translated simply as 'mche'?" This their inconsistencies is KILLING me!


On my phone, there was no choice for "wa". The correct answer is shown simply as "Mche".


It should be mche wa matunda.


I selected "mche matunda" - because i could not see "mche wa matunda" which is what it should be !


The correct answer showed as mche but I think it is mche wa tunda or mche wa matunda.


the possibilities to choose from did not include 'wa'. - And the possibilities to report don't exactly allow you to report such a mistake ... :D

but you can use a keyboard to type the phrase. So it's not totally impossible


I was wondering why it would not be mche ya matunda in this case, since this would mean the seedling of the fruit, following the rules of asscociation as given in the tips and notes. Here it seems the association needs to be made with mche, which would explain the wa, but I do not get the logic behind it. Can someone explain?


in the M/Mi noun class the singular 'a of association' is 'wa' and the plural is 'ya'. Mche wa matunda - the seedling of a fruit(notice how we are talking about one seedling here). Miche ya matunda - the seedlings of a fruit( 'ya' because seedlings is plural. I hope I answered your question properly.


In another test the answer is : mche wa matunda. Should the question be: seedling...


REPORTED. 4/5/21. Mche wa matunda is NOT an option on the (multiple choice) mobile app.


Same for me .it accepted only "mche"

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