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"How many pesos do you have to pay?"

Translation:¿Cuántos pesos tienes que pagar?

June 11, 2018



Why do we need to have 'que'?


Tener means to have, but tener que + infinitive means have to + infinitive. :)

Tengo trece gatos. - I have three cats.

Tengo que leer el libro. - I have to read the book.

Hope this helps.


Muy bueno, gracios!!!


Just learn the formula: tener que + infinitive.


sometimes, it's possible to reverse parts of the sentence. why, in this case, is this incorrect? "Tienes que pagar cuántos pesos?"


This can also mean i have pesos on me to pay..in which case you dont need tiene que...


Exactly, that's what I thought the sentence meant, so I used ¿Cuántos pesos tienes para pagar?, But they said no! I reported it though. I got this in the shopping category where amount to pay with would be a common relevant fact.


Again, I get dinged for using the formal you. Is there some clue here that this a friend, family or a child I'm talking to?


I think it's the absence of clues that is the clue. I get dinged when the sentence says "sir" and i use the informal. So if it's not "sir" or "ma'am" it's probably safe to assume it's not formal.


I think that you should be able to use the formal.


Stupid touchy button i would have gotten it. I like it better when i dont have to type out the whole words.


You have my empathy. I hate it when i intend to edit my answer and accidentally barely even touch the check answer button.


Hate when that happens

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