"I only have one coat and I wear it all the time."

Translation:Tengo solo un abrigo y lo uso todo el tiempo.

7 months ago



I wrote " Yo tengo solo un abrigo y lo uso todo el tiempo." and it was rejected.

I don't think it's wrong to go for explicit pronouns..

4 months ago


I wrote " yo solo tengo....." and it was rejected as wrong.

5 months ago


Should there be an accent on the first o in solo? Spanis Dictionary has it on.

4 months ago


I need someone to tell me why Duo refuses this answer.
"Tengo solo un abrigo y lo llevo puesto a cada rato." or
"Tengo solo un abrigo y lo llevo puesto todo el tiempo."
Just one sentence back they finally accepted "llevar puesto" but in this sentence they refuse it.
Duo is the definition of inconsistency.

2 months ago

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Tengo solo un abrigo y lo llevo todo el tiempo isn't accepted either. Reported, 08 Jan 2018.

1 week ago


is it wrong to say usolo

1 week ago


I used verb poner and it was rejected ? Am I missing something ?

1 week ago
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