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"Nosotros estamos hablando en la clase."

Translation:We are speaking in class.

3 months ago


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So in previous lessons it would say that " Nosotros hablamos" also meant we are speaking. Is this correct?

3 months ago

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Yes, it's correct. There are a couple different forms of the present that you can use.

We speak/talk = hablamos (present)

We are speaking/talking = estamos hablando (present continuous)

3 months ago

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Yeah. I don't know why it's "do" on the end now..

3 months ago


Is there a difference between speaking and talking in Spanish? In English, I think of the word speaking as saying something to a group. Less of a discussion and more of a solo activity before a group.

1 month ago


In the dictionary, both to speak and to talk is translated as hablar, and I use it for both regardless of the audience. The context usually clarifies who is being addressed. Dirigir is also use when speaking of addressing an audience and perhaps is a little more specific. For to say I use decir.

1 day ago