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  5. "Primero vamos a ir al museo."

"Primero vamos a ir al museo."

Translation:First we are going to go to the museum.

June 11, 2018



I agree, "First, let's go to the museum," should be accepted .


Yes, it should. "First, we are going to the museum" was accepted, 16 Jan 2019.


I agree! But "First, let's go to the museum" was rejected Dec 7, 2020


"vamos a" is often translated into English as "let's". DuoLingo demands this translation sometimes, and other times it marks it as incorrect. Please get consistent, DL. "First let's go to the museum" was not accepted. Reported 6/11/18.


First we're going to go to the museum . And Duo marked md wrong ... why ???


It's a good translation. Were you supposed to translate?


Does " vamos a ir" not mean "let's go" ? somewhere I am sure I saw that it does


It can. Vamos can mean either "we are going" or the imperative "let's [do a thing]".


Why is the variant wrong "At first we are going to the museum"?


Harak, if you use "at first" in English, you're usually talking about a change of course: "At first we went to the museum, but it was closed." That doesn't work too well in the present tense.

This use of "at first" is also more commonly translated as "al pricipio" in Spanish.


This is very difficult to say without contracting...it sounds as though the "r" is left out in the contraction.


I wrote 'first we are to go to the museum'. A bit 'stiff' I know, but is it incorrect?


"We are to go" means "we must go" or "we have to go". The Spanish sentence doesn't reflect that meaning.


Can I skip the second "ir a" ? I'm not an english and I prefer to say "First, we're going to the museum" can it be "Primero vamos al museo" in Spanish or you always use two ir a ?


Why there is 'al' instead of 'el'?


Al is the contraction of a el, so el is in there and you are just missing the a. 'To the' when used with a masculine noun.


we are first going to the go to the museum. this was marked wrong but is accepted in english all the time.the exact .


We are first going to go to the museum. Marked incorrect. Should be accepted.


We are "going to go" is not great English grammar, but probably not incorrect


What's the difference betweeen "At first" and "first"?I wrote "At first we are going to go to the museum" and it was marked as wrong.Why? I learned it at school like that....

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