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German tiny cards 'plural you' thoughts

German tiny cards German Common Actions 1


It has the following cards, in this order.

• you drink / du trinkst; • you eat / ihr esst; • you have / du hast; • you have / ihr habt;

I gave up in frustration on this deck trying to guess whether a singular or plural you answer was wanted. (I am sure the problem exists in other languages as well.) The problem is actually English because we don't have a plural (or polite) you anymore.

Ideally some sort of little icon showing one person or several would be able to show in the upper corner or something to just give a visual clue as to whether plural is wanted or not. Or, deck creators would be able to enter alternative acceptable answers into Tinycards, as you can in Duo proper.

In the Italian decks, I think I have seen them write "you all" as a way around this. "Yous" would also work. I realize that when it comes to the flip side, this would require people typing "you all drink" or "yous read" in English as the English answer, which is kinda hillbilly.

Is there no good solution?

p.s. I realize this could be said to be a Duo (or any learning app) quandary as well, but Duo is able to allow multiple 'you" answers, masking the issue....

June 11, 2018



Yes, Tinycards is good in concept, but difficult in practice. Often there are word variations, especially verbs and adjectives, which are counted as separate (depending on the deck you're in). Schwarz, schwarzer, schwarze, schwarzen, etc. It was totally confusing. Also, sometimes they say "The Doctor" and show an image of a male doctor, but they want you to say "Die Ärztin".

What I ended up doing is going into each card deck and hiding the duplicate cards. It's not perfect, but it's still a good tool.


Re "Die Ärztin" sometimes you get people who do try to be thorough by giving the English as "The doctor (female)", but then when the English is wanted as the answer, you have to type all that back in letter-perfect right down to the brackets! lol.


I understand your frustration. I have no good solution, but a good one would need to take care of the formal/informal challenge as well ("You drink" could also be "Sie trinken").


True! Good point!


Maybe if they were separated into separate decks it might make it easier for you. I have created separate decks for that reason.

Formal you (Sie)


you all (Ihr)


they (sie)


he/she/it (er/sie/es)


you (du)


we (wir)


I (Ich)



That is a very good approach to work within the current limitations, for sure! You are thinking for sure, good for you!


feel free to use them :)

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