"Všem novým studentům jsme poslali stejný dopis."

Translation:We sent the same letter to all new students.

June 11, 2018

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The English here isn't quite right... it should be "We sent the same letter to all the new students" because it's in the past and so the group of students is specific. The "the" could be left out if the statement is a general one, such as, "We send the same letter to all new students" (every year, for example).


Vor23 brings up a good point. This is a pretty subtle distinction, though, and I imagine few people would appreciate it. Personally, I don't think the main translation needs to be changed to "all THE new students." And both versions should definitely be accepted. Just my opinion, of course! :-)


Both are accepted already.


ALL new students means the same as THE new students. If you say ALL, THE is redundant, because it implies ALL. In 1967 the US threatened to veto Security Council resolution 242 if it included THE (territories), precisely because it implies ALL the territories. THE was removed, and the resolution was adopted.


"Novým studentům jsme poslali stejný dopis." without "všem" also implies ALL. Since the Czech sentence explicitly includes "všem", we kindly ask that the translation also include "all".

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