Translation:El niño está contento con su perro.

5 months ago


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Why not "condogo", lol!?

5 months ago


Both 'feliz' and 'contento' are accepted are correct in this sentence, so are they generally interchangeable?

3 months ago


"Feliz is used for being in a momentary state of happiness (estar) or for being a happy person (ser). "Contento(a) is also for being in a state of happiness but calm and not demostrative. Contento is not quite as strong as feliz but the difference between the two is minimal." Source - spanishdict. Remeber google is your friend.

1 month ago


Es versus está?

4 months ago


Es is ser and está is estar, both mean to be, so, ser is used to talk bout permanent actions (ur name, where u from etc) and estar to talk about temporary actions (how u are feeling now, what are you doing now etc). Hope I helped

4 months ago


You did! Thanks

3 months ago


So whenever someone is happy with something/someone instead of just being plain happy, you use contento/a?

4 months ago

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También sería correcto: "El chico es feliz con su perro". Lo he reportado ( 15 / 9 / 18 )

2 months ago

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Hmmm! Duo gave an alternative answer as 'El niño está dichoso con su perro.'

First time I've seen that word. Gotta love language learning!

2 months ago


Why is it esta and not este? Perro and nino are both masculine right? Or is esta for both masculine and feminine and este is for something else?

1 month ago

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Verb changes DO NOT based on "masculine or feminine" noun. Verb changes are based on "the subjects - like I (yo), you (tu'), he (e'l), she (ella), formal you single (usted); we (nosotros/as) ... you get the picture.

Please note, there are esta (=THIS for feminine; without accent over [a]) and esta' (= IS ' with accent -['] over [a] for he is, she is, usted (formal you singular)).

este = (THIS for masculine)

There are to "to be" (SER and ESTAR) in Spanish. It will take some time to learn how to use them correctly. Don't worry, you will get there.

I hope this help.

I am also a student.

1 month ago


Thank You. You explained it well. I came here to search for the same. Guess I will have to make lots of more mistakes to finally get my understanding right.

1 month ago


Is it wrong to use "feliz" in this instance?

3 months ago


Contento is another word for feliz. Why is it contento?

1 week ago


I said "El HIJO está contento con su perro." and was marked wrong.

3 months ago


El hijo means "the son," not the boy.

3 months ago
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