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"Why are you not going anywhere?"

Translation:Proč nikam nejedeš?

June 11, 2018



Why isn't "Proč nejedeš nikam" accepted?


"Proč nejedeš nikam." sounds somewhat strange to me. But I am not saying it is clearly wrong. But I can't find any evidence it is actually used either.

If you google this wording, you will find only this discussion. If you google "Proč nejdeš nikam" you will find this discussion and one more hit that however continues "... nikam do kina?". I did not find any single instance of a Czech speaker using "Proč nej(e)deš nikam?"


I made the same mistake, and while I understand WHY I made that mistake (verb should go first in questions), I am wondering now if perhaps it places a strange emphasis on "anywhere?"

Or maybe it's just one of those things I shouldn't try to explain with logic and just need to memorize it :)


I used "Proč nekam nejedeš?" (with e hacek on nekam), which it accepted and offered nikam as another alternative solution. Can I check approximate overlapping meanings to see if I've understood why both could be correct? Nekam can mean somewhere/anywhere and Nikam is more like nowhere/anywhere... is that right?


Wouldn`t it be possible to say: Proč nejdeš nikam?


Yes I also put that and was told it was wrong, but I don't know why.


I commented on that before, it is currently at the top of the page. I am thinking about adding it.

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