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  5. "¿Quieres un té?"

"¿Quieres un té?"

Translation:Do you want a tea?

June 11, 2018



We can't say "a tea"


Unless someone is offering many teas....


Yes you can, but service would usually say "would you like tea"


DL accepted "Do you want any tea?" on 4 24 19.


Exactly.Unless its a cup of tea


I feel like it should be "do you want tea." Not A tea. Maybe im wrong but....


Both are perfectly acceptable in English. Common drinks like tea, water, pop (soda), can be used without "a" as a non-count noun, or with "a" to indicate "a (cup/glass of) X." If you throw in an adjective the context becomes a bit clearer. At a coffee show "I'm going to grab a coffee, would you like a tea?" or "another tea". Or "Yes, I'd like a large tea." etc.


You are correct. Please use the "report" button to report errors and omissions. The course creators cannot read every comment on every sentence discussion, but they DO get those reports. Thank you!


Where I come from, we'd ask if someone wanted a cup of tea, not a tea.


Duo accepted "Do you want a cup of tea?" 6/22/18


That makes sense.

¿Quieres una taza de té?


ChrisWhatever, Yes, where I come from, too - but mostly only in the winter. It is very hot here in the summer, so we offer a GLASS of (Iced) Sweet Tea, or just say, "You want some tea?"

BTW, I asked the question above the way I would naturally, except added the "a" when I noticed it, and Duo didn't accept "You want a tea?" In casual conversation, it is correct for the "Do" to be understood without speaking it.


While it may seem odd to say "a tea", there are times when I would say "a tea". Maybe at a convenience store with my grandson, while looking at bottles of different beverages in the cooler. I might ask him, "Do you want a tea, or do you want a lemonade?"


Well darn it! Reading through these comments makes me wonder if I'm the only English speaking person who quite happily goes into the kitchen saying to my husband, "I'm making myself a tea, do you want a tea?". I also order "a tea" in a restaurant/cafe, so to me, none of these phrases seem odd...

Mwahahhaha.... More evidence the world revolves around ME !!!


Yes! I use it all the time... and I hear it used all the time.


Why is do you want tea incorrect?


It is correct, but Duolingo does not recognize it as such.


Would "Quieres té?" Be an appropriate way to say "Want tea?" Or even just "Té?"



¿Quieres té?, ¿Quiere té? ¿Quieren té? Could all be ways of asking: Do you want tea?


Or even more common: "¿Un té?" "¿Un tecito?"


I would say, "I want a coffee," but I wouldn't say, "I want a tea."


Best to think like Duolingo una te is a tea so do the literal translation and use Do you want tea in real life. Duolingo always wants "if the word is there use it except EL Like in El Pasaporte por favor Passport please


I think duo is simply trying to beat it in that its un te...not una te. They do this constantly. So relax all! I think its all part of their learning process


I can't say this word its hard


Who says a tea, like seriously


there's nothing like ' a tea'


I should be able to say quiere un te (no accent marks provided. There is nothing that would indicate quiere would be incorrect.


They might want you to include "usted" so that it's clearly "you" and not he or she.


I put in Do you want a tea? it marked the answer as wrong.


That is the correct answer. Maybe you had a typo that you didn't notice?


Why is é accented?


Because "tea" in English = té in Spanish. The accent keeps the noun té from being confused with the pronoun te.


why would anyone say "do you want a tea" i mean i guess if you are offering more than one but that is still improper, because do you want tea can also be many tea so it is therefor wrong.


to me, it sounded like quieres es ve


Im just saying that i ushally hear "She wants some tea" I dont hear "She wnats a tea" Im jaut saying


I can't say "a tea "too


The Female clearly says QUIERE. Not QUIERES


Why is do you want tea not accepted? I feel it should accept both as both would be correct in english.


I use some tea and it didn't accept.


AGAIN!! The audio segments are not working. The "speaking" segments "will return in one hour" no matter what time I log on, and my spoken answers are marked as incorrect.


It's summer. I was thinking of, and put "Do you want a glass of tea?" I think it should have been accepted. What would indicate that it's a cup rather thank a glass?


You may have already learned this since you posted that comment, but I will say this in honor of all those who were wondering the same thing. A glass = un vaso. A cup = una taza.


The only time I would say this would be while golfing!!


Generally say tea not a tea. Reminds me of 4 candles sketch.


You can't say "Do you want a tea?" Thats like asking "Do you want a water?" I said do you want tea and they had accepted it


There is nothing wrong with "do you want a tea" or "do you want a water".


you never say 'a tea' in English. do you want some tea? Or, do you want a cup of tea?


Do not assume that just because you don't say it that it is never said. I hear it all the time.


Im calling ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ on this one. We're translating meanings, not word for word translations.


I put, "do you want tea" and it said I was wrong................ CORRECT TRANSLATION: Do you want a tea? I do not understand what the difference is + No one ever asks, "Do you want A tea?" They would say, "Do you want tea?"


You can't say "a tea"... Unless you are talking about "a tea cup." Now THAT would make more sense.


Yes you can. How about the plastic bottles of tea that sit in the refrigerated section in a store next to the Pepsi, Coke, lemonade, etc. "Do you want a Pepsi or a tea?"


really pissing me off keep having to write your wrong answer to these questions. in english you dont say "a" in the phrase. geez


It is used all the time! Just because you don't use it, doesn't make it wrong.


no need for innapropriate language


No need to use such language there are kids here too, I myself am only 13 and I already am using better language than you. If you want to use such words then can do it where they isn't any kids reading your comment, who knows they might even say it in front of their parents/guardians. Please next time you eant to use such language then you can go ahead and leave the comments section and continue learning Spanish, or you might as well learn some English too while your at it because your grammar seems to be really bad. Thank you, and remember that you can just leave the comment section if you want to use such language! :)


Oh and I know that I made some grammatical mistakes but that is because I type really fast and I had a whole paragraph while you just had few words.

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