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"Nosotros queremos comida mexicana."

Translation:We want Mexican food.

June 11, 2018



Why La comida mexicana es buena, but queremos comida mexicana. When do you need the "the"


When saying "La comida mexicana es buena", we need the definite article because we are talking about Mexican food in general.

Now, "Queremos comida mexicana" means that we want some Mexican food ("some" is often not translated). "Queremos la comida mexicana" would be "We want the Mexican food", i. e. the one (we have) already mentioned or that has been offered.


Does anyone know why the X in 'México' has so far always been pronounced as an H, but in 'mexicana' as an X? At least the X was pronounced this way in this exercise.


Hi Gina85350, after listening to this sentence at regular and slow speed with a computer generated female voice in the exercise and a computer generated male voice at the top of this discussion page, I hear it more as as an 'H' (or Spanish 'J') followed by a less pronounced 'kee' before the 'kah-nah'. I also went to spanishdict.com and typed in 'México' and 'mexicana' (converted to 'mexicano'). The SPA phonetic spelling for mexicano was 'meh-hee-kah-noh'. They provide a video clip of a woman pronouncing both words and then prounouncing each syllable with a LATAM option and a SPAIN option. For both 'México' and 'mexicano', the 'hee' sounds somewhat like 'he-kee'. The SPAIN pronunciation clip is definitely more raspy on the 'hee', like it's coming from the back of the throat.

Edit: I forgot the Spanish pronunciation of 'x' was 'eh-kees' compared to the English 'ehks'. I am not hearing the 's' sound at all in 'mexicano' or 'México'.


Wow! You went above and beyond, mexicanfoodfreak...I am truly impressed. I didn't ever remember posting this :-) Thank you!


the audio for this exercise sounded a bit funky, it sounded like "creemos" instead of "queremos", even when slowed down


Both can sound pretty similar depending on the speaker but that's just my opinion


I heard tenemos at high speed. Even on replay, deffo not queremos


In U.S. we say "eat Mexican" food is implied. Should be OK


No Gordon, I too live in the US and I eat plenty of Mexican food. But this is want and that's quite different from eat....want ≠ eat.


Si, si, sorry...Of course. My bad. Mexican FOOD! Thanks for pointing out my tomfoolery (I was watching Oregon beat Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.)


Awesome! Enjoy your games and always keep Mexican food in mind :D


The sentence might get you in trouble if you add 'comer' and omit 'comida'.


Yo siempre quiero comida mexicana.
¿Podría traer más comida mexicana ahora, por favor?


Why isn't "meal" accepted?


As in "we want a Mexican meal"? I don't think this sounds as natural as "we want Mexican food" in my dialect of English.


Is there a way to easily tell Corremos and Queremos apart?


What I'm wondering is, why did they put "nosotros quieremos" instead of just "quieremos?"


"Nosotros queremos comida mexicana." Is nosotros queremos una comida mexicana wrong?

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