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Is it regular to feel burnt out after a few weeks?

How do I not feel so meh about learning German? After a few weeks it feels like a chore? (I still don't wanna quit)

June 11, 2018



I would set your XP-bar low for a bit, and keep plugging away at it. It will keep your streak going. Then raise it later. Some exposure is better than none, and your interest will come back. Once it does, raise the bar.

Or you could watch some TV in the meantime...


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It happens to all of us. Good advise Eric.


I will have to give that a try! Vielen Dank! :)


The same issue slowed me down, for a few weeks, in the middle of the tree. I was so proud of my streak (silly, I know) that I kept going. Glad I stuck with it. Now, reading kids books in German has inspired, and re?energized me. My Grandson laughs out loud when I read them also.....totally worth the effort. viel Glück Mark442

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Glad I have stuck with it.


Thank you very much! :)


Totally normal. Learning comes in waves. Stay steady, at a minimum, and do more when you’re bored with other stuff.


Thanks for the tip! :)


Level 14? After only a few weeks? Maybe you're working too hard.

Try taking a bit of a break. For a week or so just do a few practice lessons each day. Make it a game, see how many XP points you can get on a timed session. Perhaps go through some of the stories. When you've had a week off of doing the minimum, try reading the news in German, or watch a TV show in German (even if it's a kids show).... maybe it will get you back in the mood.

I've gone through a couple of slumps since I started on Duolingo. I always come back rejuvenated after a week of doing the minimum.


I've actually gotten burnt out before. I just recently got back into it. My level was like 7 or 8. I do though do 200 XP a day... too much?

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I would decrease it to 50 XP daily, you can always do more. Then don't forget to add the different resources that have been mentioned here.

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These YouTube video resources posted by a Duo learner is great for beginners, and intermediates as well.



Well... One of the problems of gamefication is that it is not uncommon for people to lose interest due the fact that the streaks, lingots, number of words, crowns, etc, are pretty much "empty" things. They're not "real". You can't do anything with them and after a while you starts to get tired of it.

So, what I would advise is to set real life goes concerning the language. Would you be able to read a piece of text? A book? Understand the letter of a music? See a movie in German? Read comics? Write a letter to someone? Have a conversation in German with someone you know?

Real life goals will boost your desire for learning. But take small steps.

I buy a magazine named "Deutsch Perfeket". And my first goal is to be able to read, and understand at least one paragraph of some of the news and texts in there. And after 3 weeks I start to be able to do that. I am not able to read the entire text, for example, due a understandable short of words. But my first goal was achieved. Now I am preparing to a bigger goal: Read an entire piece of text using litle the dictionary.

And so goes on.

The first time I tried to learn German, I wasn't able to keep going. Now that I understand what was the problem at the time, it is much easier :)

Hope this helps.


One thing that helps me is finding German gaming videos on YouTube. It has helped me learn a lot of new words, but also kept me entertained at the same time. Another thing I do is listen to German music and try to figure out what the lyrics mean. If you need a few YouTubers/bands/artists as a starting point, I can list some if you want. I hope this helps! :)


I'll have to give that a shot! I'm a big gaming person! Vielen Dank! :)


Glad I could help! Try finding a series of a game you know, that also helps, too! That way you aren't learning about the game, just what they are saying! You also might have to look around to find a YouTuber that speaks slow enough for you to understand. I couldn't understand many German YouTubers, but I found I could understand a decent chunk (in comparison to the others) of GermanLetsPlay and Paluten's videos. The more I watch (and google new words), the more I understand!


There is a series of videos called Slow German on YouTube. It is usually news, but it helps with vocabulary. I would probably slow down on XP points and focus more on other ways to use what you have learned.


Great advice! Which songs are your favorite? Recommend us some..


If you like metal, then try Rammstein, although their lyrics can be quite dark. I learned lots of new words that way that don't always appear in teaching texts. Words like "Sehnsucht" and "Eifersucht".

Something not quite as heavy but still kinda pop/punk rock sound, try Die Toten Hosen. Two of their songs "An Tage Wie Heute" und "Wannsee" are real easy to sing along to once you get the hang of it.

If you like big band type music search "Drei Lillie, Drei Lillie" on youtube. I like to pop that on especially, if I'm having a not so great day. It peps me up.

I've even heard some German rap. Seriously, that and old Schlager songs can be great learning tools too.

German Opera from Mozart to Richard Strauss can also be a great way to hear the language sung. In particular the opera Salome' by Richard Strauss, I have found the German to be very easy to follow along, as a lot of the singing parts are more speech like than other operas I've heard.


‚‘I’ve even heard some German rap‘

Seriously, German is THE best language for rap. Lots of hard constants, makes it very rhythmic. Try listening to some Fettes Brot.

More seriously, OP I agree with everyone here. Bunt out is normal. Your enthusiasm will ebb and flow. But I would say try and mix your learning up a Little, sometimes I burn through Duolingo, others times I only do one simple lesson a day but do something else instead . I listen to German language music on my commute, watch tv in German, read (simple) books, and listen to audiobooks (if you sign up to Audible you can get a free audiobook, there are LOADS of German language ones) I started by reading and listening to translations of my favourite English language books, sometimes i read along with the English book and listen to the German at the same time. Just go with what makes you happy.


I'm not going to mention specific songs, but I can mention artists (I have a playlist of 71 songs, that might take a while). Some German music artists I have come across are Namika, Bausa, Ali As, Wise Guys (a German a capella group), AnnenMayKantereit, Madsen, Die Toten Hosen, Cro, Mark Forster, Joris, and Peter Fox


A friend learned German while listening to a capella bands, like Hello Five, The Wise Guys. She would be able to sing whole songs with perfect pronunciation – before she could even have a conversation in German xD Some other bands that do ballads: Phrasenmäher, Annenmaykantereit


It§s completely normal to lose some of your initial energy during the process of learning a language. What I've found to be helpful, along with the tip others already mentioned of setting your goal to the minimum possible per day, is to find passive ways to interact with the language. For instance, find something that you are interested in, and go watch some Youtube videos about it. Even if you don't understand 100%, you can always use the setting to slow down the speed so the speech becomes clearer and easier to follow. That can also mean reading some blog, listening to podcasts (Deutsche Welle has a lot of them), reading news... The possibilities are pretty much endless! I also really enjoy a podcast called Langsame Gesprochene Nachrichten, in which the narrator reads news headlines and brief summaries of current happenings in a slower-than-usual German. All in all, I would recommend trying to look for ways to interact with the language that don't necessarily feel like you're putting too much effort into it. Good luck with your slump!


Try alternating with a different language. Obviously if you jump around between too many languages you will take longer to learn your target language(s) but sometimes a change is refreshing if you are getting a bit burnt out. Try to make sure the second language is not too similar to the first one, so if you are studying German and want a change, try a romance language instead of another Germanic one.


Is it a certain concept or rule that’s getting you or is it just getting boring?


It's just starting to feel repetitive.


I sometimes have fun with Duolingo, but you are right. It can get boring, and I suddenly don't want to do it anymore. don't get me wrong. I love this website, but I can feel a little burnt out after using it for so long.

I agree with Eric31742, you should watch some TV...


I feel it too. I have no idea, I stopped for a while because of midterms and I decided to come back, but learning German tires me out a lot. I would say stick out with it, maybe find a German kids show to watch for fun? I did that for French (watched Caillou) because I have French tutoring (my duolingo for French is to help with it) and it does help. Vielen Gluck!

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