Tiny Cards

I apologize if this is not the correct place to post this question. It is not a troubleshooting question. It is a question from the uninformed. That would be me. Is there a way to bring up Tiny cards at the time I choose? Or do they just pop up at random?

June 12, 2018


Yes. Click all the way to the flashcards where they are in facedown piles. On the middle top is the icon. A little way down from there but above where the card stacks are, off center to the left, the word “lessons” is there. Lessons is what it’s automatically set on. But if you look on the right side of the page where “lessons” is there is the word “cards”. Click “cards”. Click on “cards” and you will have just the flash cards for you to go over. If there are cards you already know, below the cards is a little symbol of an eye. If you press the eye then the card fades some indicating that you are done with that card. You can un-eye/re-able the card if you change your mind. So when you do click on “cards” and then click on a upside pile of cards you have all the flash cards for that pile. you can study them one by one. Plus take as much or as little time as you want for each individual card. You can pick whichever card you want. You can also make yourself your own flash cards if you wanted but they wouldn’t be where these ones are. Let me know if you are all set because I’m not sure I am explaining this very good.

Unfortunately, you cannot access tinycards from Duo except after a lesson.

After a certain number of lessons there is an automatic pop up in Duo inviting you to play Tiny Cards but other than that the only way to go directly to Tiny Cards is to go directly to its web page That's the only other way that I know of.

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