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  5. "The game is on Friday."

"The game is on Friday."

Translation:El partido es el viernes.

June 12, 2018



I thought it would be en viernes, not el???


Yes i thought it would en=on


In Spanish, definite articles are used with the days of the week to mean "on".


I believe it is correct to say, “hoy es lunes,” and incorrect to say “hoy es el lunes.”

So… Why is “el partido es lunes” incorrect, and “el partido es el lunes” correct?

what’s going on?


Because in Hoy es lunes, you are saying which day of the week it is, but in El partido es el lunes, you are specifying which Monday the game is.


Every language has its own grammatical rules.It will be hard to learn a new language if you keep on translating from your language,and wondering why it doesn't make sense in the language that you speak.Learn each language as the natives speak.Make room for that.


What I want to know is whether or not it is even proper to use an equivalent preposition for "on" when it comes to any event happening on a certain day. Is that simply a non-existent usage in Spanish? Alternatly, what if I wanted to say "The game is at 2:00PM on Friday?" Is there an equivalent for "at" in translation at least?


When do you use "el" before the day of the week and when not to?


el juego es el jueves is as good as using partido


Why cannot one use juego for game


I think that only refers to board games or video games. Partido can be translated as "game" or "match", the latter being obvious more specific, which would not apply generally to other games such as board games.


why el (on Friday) is used instead of el. This also changes along with form of noun?


Why is it the Friday instead of Friday?


Because that is how they say on Friday in Spanish.


Where is the 'on'? Is it already considered if you translate it to 'el viernes'?


Because el comes before all the days of the week. They are not capitalized either unless they are at the start of a sentence. That was posted on the tips with this chapter.


Tips? Ive made it this far ans didnt know there was a tip section lol? Where is it?


Where is tips on the phone app?


Thank you. Now that I have the answe to my question, I won't ever omit the "el" before a day of the week again!


This is a great point because I didn't look at the tips and I just realized that!


My understanding is that when saying "en viernes" would mean "on Saturday," but if it said "el viernes", then that would mean "on Saturdays" as in every Saturday. Can someone help shed some light?


I wrote: El partido es de viernes. I don't understand why I got corrected. It's telling me the answer is: El partido SL viernes


es el To me that seems to translate to the game is the Friday. Where I put es de which to me translates to the game is on Friday. How was my answer wrong? How is it "es el," instead of "es de?"


«el viernes» is the way that Spanish says "on Friday"

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