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How to turn back to version 3.3 while i have updated to version 4.0?

I updated my duolingo this morning to version 4.0 but find it's not as good as 3.3, please let me know how to install the previous version and give me the link or something. Thank you.

April 27, 2014



Hi! What is not as good? Would love to get specific feedback, so that I can bring it back to the team and answer questions.


Kristine, the method of new pages sliding in from the side causes nausea in susceptible people. It is recommended, in any case, that such a transition should only be used rarely and very sparingly. Certainly not be used to such an extent as presented in version 4.0. I rolled back to the previous version because I found the page transitions too uncomfortable. The statistics phase at the end of a lesson could also be shortened to a maximum of 2 pages with celebratory noises. Cheers.


Dear, how to roll back~! Teach me!!!!


Thank you very much, but mine is iphone, not ipad. I am not very sure to use it. How stupid i am!!!


Did you back up your iPhone before you upgraded? If not the I think you will just have to put up with version 4 until they bring out the next release.

It would help them in developing the next release if you said why you do not like the current v4.


I'll bring this feedback to the design team.


I kind of like it but the sliding is too slow. It takes a while and breaks momentum i would be fine if it didnt take as long. I would probably actually like it then.

I like the whole statistics at the end, maybe it could have a few different tabs you can click on to see all of the same the statistics if you want to, but not be forced to look at endless amounts of info. Just an idea.

I also was dissapointed that practicing all weak skills didnt seem to be a feature included in the new version unless if you want do a duel thing, which i dont like as much as the practice weak skills option.

It would also be nice if the timed practice was on the app.

This is all just my opinion, and doesnt necessarily reflect what everyone else thinks of course, but I figure that the only way for duolingo to have any feedback to go off of is for people to give feedback. Even though I may seem critical, I love Duolingo (otherwise I would just quit instead of trying to give constructive criticism). I think it is amazing that there is a free language learning tool that is good enough that people are talking about the transition from one thing to the next and the stats at the end of the lesson, and I really dont want any of what might seem critical to be taken the wrong way...

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