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"They are learning two languages."

Translation:Ellas están aprendiendo dos idiomas.

June 12, 2018



why not "aprenden dos idiomas"?


"Ellos aprenden dos idiomas." was accepted today. I think "Aprenden dos idiomas.", would be ok. Spanish speaker?


Surprising "aprenden dos idiomas" still isn't accepted but I'm pretty sure it should be; I reported it today.


What is the difference between idioma and lengua?


I was wondering this too!


Lengua lit. "tongue". Tongue is another word for language in both English and Spanish.


Ellos vs. Ellas.... again?


You have figured this out by now. Ellos is a mixed group males and females, or just males. Ellas would be a group of only females.


"Ellas están aprendiendo dos idiomas."

My understanding is that "estar (verb)" is something you are doing at exactly that precise moment in time. I don't know anyone who can study two languages simultaneously.

I feel that based on my understanding from DL tips, the only acceptable answer should be "Ellos aprenden dos idiomas" because that seems to mean they are "generally" learning two languages, but not together at that precise moment.


I know that it isn't as likely to be learning two languages simultaneously, but it does happen. On Duo I have found myself doing the Spanish lessons, but then also repeating the sentences in German to practice that as well. I agree that Duo should accept aprendan, not just están aprendiendo for this sentence.


Looks like you may have just had a spelling issue- it should be aprenden, not aprendan (the root word is aprender, an -er verb).
Duo does accept "ellos aprenden dos idiomas" now.


You're still not learning them simultaneously. You're going back and forth.


Why not “dos lenguas” instead of “dos idiomas”?


"dos lenguas" definitely should be accepted here... hope they fix that soon.


Lenguas is accepted (18.02.2020)

[deactivated user]

    many times on Duo you'll find they want you to use the words they pushed in the practice sessions even though I agree that both should be accepted, make sure to report it


    What the hell ...i get an error message for lenguas instead of ifiomas . Sometimes this app is very upsetting


    Would it also be correct to say, "Aprenden dos lenguas"?


    I tried this as well ("aprenden dos lenguas") and it was rejected. I reported it because I'm pretty sure it should be correct.


    It could be ellos instead


    I put "Ellas aprenden dos idiomas." to test Duolingo, and it was marked CORRECT. But was SURPRISED that they were looking for "Ellas estan aprendiendo...... " because it is something they are not doing RIGHT NOW, and this was marked wrong in other lessons. So I was wondering how somebody can be learning two languages, right now, since it takes time? I understand eating, running, walking, cooking, writing, etc in the moment though, and this is where my brain fries.


    I used lenguas... Doesn't that mean languages


    Can someone please explain why "Ellos estan aprendiendo dos idiomas " was marked wrong?


    It looks correct, you could report it if it still isn't accepted.

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