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"Tú cierras la puerta."

Translation:You are closing the door.

3 months ago



These indicative sentences are interesting, given that they are in the Requests 1 skill.

If this is a request in the indicative, then it should not be translated as you are closing the door. Rather, with emphasis, you close the door.

At least that is how I understand the indicative used as a command.

3 months ago


I think ... the second person (tu) is being used in Requests 1 to make a point. You can use a 3rd person verb to make a simple request - but not a second person. "Tu cierras la puerta" is not a request to close the door. But "Cierra la puerta" has two meanings, one of which is: "Close the door". I am still learning, but I think this is right.

2 months ago


You are right. Translation is "You close the door". The answer doulingo gives is " Tu estas cierrando la puerta". I encountered a lot of answer in this form.

1 month ago


Is it wrong to say, tu estas cierrando la puerta? If not, how is it said most of the time?

1 day ago