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  5. "Jak se do lesa volá?"

"Jak se do lesa volá?"

Translation:How does one call into the woods?

June 12, 2018



I'm happy to learn new idioms, but in the context of the lesson, without visiting the discussion, the real value is lost. In isolation it's just a bizarre sentence.


The translation is literal, not idiomatic. The main point is to show the relationship of the reflexive "jak se" + third person singular verb and the English "how does one" + a verb.

You do not need to know it is an idiom at all.


I totally agree, without indicating that this is a Czech idiom it is nonsense to include it in a lesson!


Just visit the discussion if you are interested. I don't see a problem.


What does this mean ? It seems like something we would say differently in English, but I don't know what exactly.


This comes from the first part of the Czech saying Jak se do lesa volá, tak se z lesa ozývá.

We do accept "What goes around?" as a translation. I suspect a few literal translations are missing for the narrow situation in which one is standing in the woods and yelling something out, about to hear it back.


Let me specify:

Angry and impolite words/actions (or no actions) lead to angry and impolite reactions (or no actions).


So, "volat" means not only "to call" as in "to call by phone", but also "to call" as in "to scream with intention of being heard"?


Yes, exactly. But in a normal loud voice. For "to scream" we have "křičet".

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