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"Señor, yo tengo una pregunta."

Translation:Sir, I have a question.

June 12, 2018



Why is 'Mister' considered wrong for a translation of 'Señor'?


Maral33... Decades ago, maybe in the 1930s, 1940s, etc., in many regions, it was more common to call out to a gentleman to get his attention by saying, "Hey, mister!" I have seen that in old movie films.

Nowadays, "Mister" as a title before a known name is more commonly heard, like, "Here are the keys to your car, Mr. Smith." "SIR, do you need a taxi?" would sound more natural now. "Mister" may still be used more in very large cities. That is my experience, living in the USA.


I think it should be accepted as it is given as a hint also. There seem to be so many other non standard phrases accepted.


Is "Yo" necessary?


No, Spanish is a pro drop language. Dropping pronouns is common when the verb makes it clear. Since there is only one subject for tengo, we don't need the yo. If you use a third person verb, like tiene, you often need to specify the él, ella, se, etc.


Señor itranslates to either sir or mister .


I have a small problem, which isn't so small to me! I have all the way through been having trouble distinguishing some of the words of the male voice, especially between senor and senora. I suffer badly with Tinnitus and I suppose this might have something to do with it. It means that I keep getting marked down for not being able to hear something properly. I just wondered if anyone else had a similar problem?


Same problem for me: hearing and tinnitus. I am getting better as understand the narrators but still miss some. I do find the pronunciation is easier to distinguish by clicking the slow pronunciation.


This man's pronunciations are hard to hear. I heard Señora, not Señor. Got it marked wrong, even though i got the construction correct.


That's what I heard. It's confusing


Shouldn't it be un pregunta. I thought it was an irregular


No, pregunta is feminine. Are you maybe thinking of problema, which is masculine?


Why isnt my microphone working? It says it doesnt sound right and just skips over the problem.


I found that i can press the microphone button and then press speak and it works. Patch tis maybe???


I hear señora, not señor.


I also hear señora, not señor.


I said it right and the first word is always wrong


Should accept "sir" "mr." and "mister".


No, Mr. is only used as a title. When used alone you have to write it out.


I have the right answer


So can anyone tell me the correct enunciation for "yo"? I noticed that some of the voices say "jo" as in "joe" and others say "yo" as in "yoyo".


I also have tinnitus. I tend to have more trouble understanding the lady. I think it depends what pitch or audible range has been lost.


I would urge students to click on the "light bulb" for the tips about what is being studied in that lesson, before doing the lesson.

I also recommend checking out thoughtco.com. The website holds a wealth of information about Spanish and English.

My thanks to the student who posted about thoughtco in a comment on a different subject.


The words i have left minus car = brown library's son


Why wasnt usted used??


Why wasn't usted used?

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