J'ai fini!

J'ai fini mon arbe du francais! Here is a screenshot link (which took a while to make, because it is hard to take screenshots on my new computer) for proof:

Not much to say here. I really enjoyed this tree, the vocabulary was just what I was looking for. (Is some of it B1 level? Maybe?)

I now completely understand the difference between c'est and il est, although I still have some work to do on expressions dealing with the weather, and some verb conjugation practice.

I use these sites in addition to my time on Duolingo: Memrise, conjuguemos*, readlang, and quizlet. Some of the vocabulary I was studying on readlang is now present in the new French tree!

As for my crown level, most old stuff is level 2. I will hopefully be working to make the entire tree at least level 2, with some skills higher, depending on my understanding of them.

What I am tackling next, for those interested, includes...

1) The new Spanish tree (whenever I receive it) gives Duo a sideways glare

2) My German tree

3) My French tree, getting the skills to level 2

4) My English from French and English from Spanish trees

But now the party begins. Merci French team! -ML.

*Misspelled, corrected.

June 12, 2018

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Congratulations ML!!

Merci Lento! Pretty fireworks! How are you doing? Having fun at the zoo?

I'm doing great! I hope you are too! I'm having a blast at the zoo, the weather is getting hotter and there are fewer visitors so we get to walk around and enjoy the zoo more :)

What's your favorite animal again?

Giraffes are my favorite! To me they are more magical than unicorns.

Lrtward!! My favorite giraffe!

It really is a party if Lrtward is here...

Hi! Glad you could stop by.

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Félicitations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felicidades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FÉLICITATIONS POUR AVOIR FINI DUOLINGO FRANÇAIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations ML :) I wish for you rainbows, confetti and other fun stuff ;) Luv ya

I was waiting for you, E! Merci! Having better luck with your apartment search?

Thanks for asking ML :) I received some hopeful news this afternoon about my favorite apartment. I was told that I would know Friday if it is mine. fingers crossed Please pray that I get this apartment. I would truly appreciate it. I think that it is easier to find a job in this area than to find an apartment.

When I am settled in a new home I will be able to finish my French tree and play with you in French :)

That's good to hear. You sound like you're doing better. I was a bit worried about you.

I'm so sorry that I worried you. I will always be OK :) I simply have to pull away from normal life to figure out how to handle a new challenge. Growth seems to be a bit scary and painful no matter how old one gets. I can hardly wait to see how this all turns out :) Perhaps you will get your new Spanish tree on the same day I get my new apartment. (fingers crossed ;)

I am enjoying all of your party guests :) Fun gifs, different languages and friends with similar language interests enjoying time together. Like old times....

ML, Great news! :) I now have my favorite apartment! Now I just need to pack all of my treasures ;) Move in date is July 1st. Thank you (and our Duo friends) for the support to help me through this past month :-)

I am so happy for you! Good that you have your favorite apartment now :-)

Félicitations !

Merci! Tres belle! Incroyable!


This calls for fireworks. And music. And more fireworks.

Yes, many fireworks. What celebration is that? May 9th? Victory Day in Europe? I think America's is the day before?

Yes, America and Western Europe celebrate Victory Day on the 8th (and by comparison with Russia, hardly celebrate at all). The former Soviet Union celebrates on 9th May.

C'est bien. Mais je suis un peu surpris car j'ai fini deux fois mon arbre turc à partir de l'anglais, c'est à dire que toutes mes unités ont au moins deux couronnes, et je ne suis que niveau 16, alors que vous êtes niveau 22 avec des unités à une seule couronne.

En tous cas, bravo.

Si je vous ai écrit en français, ma langue, c'est pour que vous pratiquiez un peu plus : ;)

Merci. Oui, j'ai besoin de plus practique. L'arbre du francais est tres long*, avec 99 skills. J'ai 172 courronnes. Combien avez-vous dans ton arbre du turc?

*Edit: Merci! Corrigée.

Ah oui, je n'avais pas pensé à ça : dans l'arbre turc, il n'y a que 67 unités. Je comprends mieux. J'ai 149 couronnes. Mais j'ai aussi entamé l'arbre inverse, apprendre l'anglais à partir du turc, et là, je suis niveau 8 avec 46 couronnes.

L'arbre est très long, pas longue, arbre est un nom masculin. Mais tu te débrouilles bien.

Congratulations Multi0Lingual4

Merci! Vous pouvez m'appeler M.L.

FÉLICITATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations ML!

Merci! Congratulations on getting to level 21 in Turkish!

Thank you! After 21 there's 22 :-)

Toutes mes félicitations ! J'espère vite finir le mien en anglais.

Merci! Bien à vous!*


Edit: I think there's been a misunderstanding, I was trying to say "Good for you!" Ah, well. I learned a new phrase, so it's all good. Bravo! I guess.

I love readland! thanks a lot.

Oui, Bravo. Un gros travail. J'ai testé conjuguemos : c'est vachement bien merci! I have tryed conjuguemos : Excellent! I subscribed. Thanks a lot for the information

Personally when I typed something in English, until recently, and I still do it always for some important emails or texts, I type inside "google translation", in the left window; once translated on the right windows, I can check the consistency, and also correct certain errors. I type directly in English, of course. After that I correct and I use copy/paste etc. Furthermore, I have installed the dictionary of each language I use and learn inside Firefox, my favorite browser.
Click on the right column, title dictionaries :

I also completely installed my PC in English several years ago. I strongly recommend it. The Immersion principle

Merci! Thank you for this.

Hi my name is Krystale and I'm French and I'm happy for you. congratulations Me for my English tree I'm almost done and I would like to test my English skills with someone. If you are interested, do not hesitate to come and talk to me, I'm always there

Thank you for your kind offer. Good luck with your English tree!

Bravo mon ami Je suis français et je sais que cette langue est très difficile à apprendre pour un étranger. Maintenant tu peux apprendre l'italien avec tes bases de français, Surtout que tu as des bases d'espagnol. Continue comme cela. Et n’hésite pas à échanger avec moi si tu veux continuer à pratiquer le Français. A bientôt Paul

Merci! Réellement, je practique en essayent mon arbe du portugais du francais...

Bravo c'est super!!!

Félicitations !

Ma chérie écoute un album en ce moment, et la chanson qui passe au moment où j'écris ceci est "Boom Boom" de John Lee Hooker. Parfait pour une fête !

Party time! Excellent!

C'est = this is. Il est = it / he is.

Hier, il est tombé des cordes sur Paris = il a plu beaucoup.

En hiver, si de l'air vient de Sibérie, il fait un froid de canard = il fait très froid.

Et on a la chair de poule = la peau se contracte, formant de petites bosses.

Il souffle un vent à écorner les boeufs = vent très fort.

Voici les quatre premières expressions qui me viennent à propos du temps, mais il y en a, bien sûr, beaucoup d'autres, comme dans les autres langues.

Tres intéressant! Merci.

bravo ML, c'est très bien, maintenant essayez d'écrire la même chose en français!

Ca ne sera pas pour un moment, je pense! Un peu à la fois.

il tombe des hallebardes il géle à pierre fendre il fait une chaleur d enfer....

If you click on the owl it shows up like a certificate! Unfortunately they took away the share button, though.

le niveau final est bien le 5 ? Après ce sont des révisions ?

bravo but me i'm french and i learn english

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