J'ai fini!

J'ai fini mon arbe du francais! Here is a screenshot link (which took a while to make, because it is hard to take screenshots on my new computer) for proof:

Not much to say here. I really enjoyed this tree, the vocabulary was just what I was looking for. (Is some of it B1 level? Maybe?)

I now completely understand the difference between c'est and il est, although I still have some work to do on expressions dealing with the weather, and some verb conjugation practice.

I use these sites in addition to my time on Duolingo: Memrise, conjuguemos*, readlang, and quizlet. Some of the vocabulary I was studying on readlang is now present in the new French tree!

As for my crown level, most old stuff is level 2. I will hopefully be working to make the entire tree at least level 2, with some skills higher, depending on my understanding of them.

What I am tackling next, for those interested, includes...

1) The new Spanish tree (whenever I receive it) gives Duo a sideways glare

2) My German tree

3) My French tree, getting the skills to level 2

4) My English from French and English from Spanish trees

But now the party begins. Merci French team! -ML.

*Misspelled, corrected.

June 12, 2018

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Congratulations ML!!

Merci Lento! Pretty fireworks! How are you doing? Having fun at the zoo?

Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Félicitations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Felicidades !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations ML :) I wish for you rainbows, confetti and other fun stuff ;) Luv ya

Félicitations !

Merci! Tres belle! Incroyable!


This calls for fireworks. And music. And more fireworks.

Yes, many fireworks. What celebration is that? May 9th? Victory Day in Europe? I think America's is the day before?

C'est bien. Mais je suis un peu surpris car j'ai fini deux fois mon arbre turc à partir de l'anglais, c'est à dire que toutes mes unités ont au moins deux couronnes, et je ne suis que niveau 16, alors que vous êtes niveau 22 avec des unités à une seule couronne.

En tous cas, bravo.

Si je vous ai écrit en français, ma langue, c'est pour que vous pratiquiez un peu plus : ;)

Merci. Oui, j'ai besoin de plus practique. L'arbre du francais est tres long*, avec 99 skills. J'ai 172 courronnes. Combien avez-vous dans ton arbre du turc?

*Edit: Merci! Corrigée.

Congratulations Multi0Lingual4

Merci! Vous pouvez m'appeler M.L.

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