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"No encontramos tu número de teléfono."

Translation:We can't find your phone number.

June 12, 2018



"We didn't find your phone number" wasn't accepted. It should be.


It is accepted now--12/27/2018


This would be "We don't find", not "We can't find". Reported 2018-06-12


At first i wrote "we cannot find your telephone number" then I changed my mind as i remembered that for me DL usually wants a conjugation of "poder" in the spanish phrase before allowing the use of "can" in the translation. "we did not find your telephone number" was accepted.


The translation given...can someone help me understand why that English sentence does not turn into "No podemos encontrar..." in Spanish?

The Spanish sentence as written seems to me to translate, if not using the past tense, to "We do not find..."

Any insights please?


Duo seems to be intentionally omitting poder in this kind of sentence/question, but still translating as "can't." See the "tips" for the School 4 lesson-- https://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/School-4/tips (keep scrolling down to encontrar and encontrarse). Just something else to learn, apparently!


I translated it as "we did not find your telephone number" and it was accepted. However, I think "we can"t find" is an incorrect translation, if this is suppose to be the past tense of the verb "to find".


This sentence can be either present tense or past tense.

The Spanish simple present tense and preterite tense is identical for the "we" conjugation of regular -AR and -IR verbs.

As far as adding "can", that is Duo's clumsy attempt to teach English speakers to infer implied words like "can, will, should" that are not actually stated.
I'm having trouble with that one.


Maybe it's my iphone and imac sound systems, but it sounds like "me" not "no". I've listened to it a dozen times. On slow it's a definite "no", but fast is garble.

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