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"We are reading the newspaper in Spanish."

Translation:Nosotros leemos el periódico en español.

June 12, 2018



It could also be "estamos leyendo el periodico en español"


Got marked wrong for that


This can be tricky sometimes. Leyendo is part of the "iendo" endings which are only used AS THE PERSON/PERSONS ARE DOING THE VERB AT THAT VERY MOMENT. And since we can't really tell who is reading what at this moment, it's in its regular conjugation form


Nosotros leemos translates as we read, not we are reading. I put estamos leyendo el periodico en español and was not accepted.


'Nosotros leemos' translates to either 'we read' or to 'we are reading.' 'Estamos leyendo' would be if you were actively reading at that moment. 'Nosotros leemos' would be like 'In Spanish class, we're reading the newspaper in Spanish.' The question is ambiguous, but there is a difference between the two possible Spanish translations.


How do you know when to use the personal pronoun (Nosotros or yo) sometimes it is okay and sometimes it is wrong!


Is the -iendo form of leer used or not? I don't understand. When I submitted "Estamos leyendo el diario en español" it was marked wrong.


I did the same thing "estamos leyendo el periodico en espanol" and my answer was not accepted. I reported it as of 9/24/2018, perhaps you should do the same. :)


what about Nosotros somos leemos el periodico en espanol can someone explain please


The verb ‘leer’ (to read) has already been conjugated as ‘leemos’ which is we read, therefore you do not need somos. You wouldn’t use somos anyway as that is only used if describing something permanent like nationality or character. ‘Nosotros somos leemos’ essentially means We we are we read... doesn’t make sense.


I remember from past lessons that the nosotros was left off, and the somos was used, now ot is opposite?


Thank you, i had that problem as well


Somos is permanent. Reading is for the moment so it must be estamos


Somos is permanent.


estamos leyendo el periodico en espanol should be accepted.


The first time I answered, I left out "Nosotros" thinking that "leemos" implied the "we." The second time I answered by adding "Nosotros" and my answer was exactly as Duo's correct answer, except Duo said I was wrong.


I didn't get it right but now i did.


I put "somos leemos el periódico en español" but it marked it as wrong, the answer was "Nosotros leemos el periódico en español." and when i checked the tip it said " you dont say 'ella es bebe', you say ella bebe" But what i dont understand is if thats the case, why not just put 'leemos', instead of "nosotros leemos" because apparently, the 'we are reading' is already implied with "leemos". And "leemos" is only applicable with nosotros and nosotras, so "we" should be implied in "leemos" like with "quiero" and "yo quiero"


"leemos" or "nosotros leemos" alone mean "we are reading". You don't need to use a form of "ser" as well. The subject pronoun is optional.

In Spanish, the simple present ("leemos") can be used for "habitual actions, routines, things happening now or in the near future, universal truths, facts, hypotheticals, lapses of time, and for ordering in restaurants and stores."


thx for the explanation daniel


Nosotros leemos "dario" en espanol. Marked wrong, Why.


Dario is not a word in Spanish. Newspaper is either diario or periodico


I said diario and it was marked wrong


Oops no i said diarios


I was marked incorrect when I translated Newspaper into periodicos and marked incorrect when I translated it into diarios !!!


Because you're using plural nouns instead of singular: there is only one newspaper.


I was marked incorrect too


why nosotros estamos not accepted


The verb is already conjugated when nosotros leemos is used, so the "estar" verb is not necessary. This clarification is also made in the above thread when the other to be verb "ser" was conjugated in this example: Daniel.Etienne 2475 The verb ‘leer’ (to read) has already been conjugated as ‘leemos’ which is we read, therefore you do not need somos. You wouldn’t use somos anyway as that is only used if describing something permanent like nationality or character. ‘Nosotros somos leemos’ essentially means We we are we read... doesn’t make sense.


"estemos leer el periódico en español" this is what translation suggestions had as the top suggestion. I used the correct translation, but changed my mind to that when the translation prompts said something different, and the correct translation wasn't even hinted at. What gives...


Reported this as well guys 26/04/2019


Why don't the tips that show when clicking a word have the correct answer? I change the correct answer to what the tip shows and then its wrong, when i was right before double checking. This is very frustrating.


your translation is not correct


what happened to tiny cards, does not come up anymore??


Duo hasnt explained how or when i should use words like "come" to "comemos" or "lee" to "leemos". Are we changing these to "mos" when the word NOSOTROS is used??


El periodico is masculine, duo said no


"el periódico" is right there in Duo's displayed correct answer (see the top of this discussion). You must have had an error somewhere else.


Why not: nosotros estamos leer ????


Nostros estamos leer is wrong. Why???


Why wht why why why why


Debería ser los dos.


"Estamos leyendo el periodico en espanol" should be accepted. Why isn't it?


still marked wrong on 1/4/19 - reported


Had it right till I read the hint

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