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"Is the café next to the restaurant?"

Translation:¿El café está al lado del restaurante?

3 months ago



Answer: You used the wrong word. ¿Está el café después del restaurante?

Why "despues" and not "al lado"

3 months ago


why del?

3 months ago


Del is a contraction of 'de' and 'el'. The literal translation of the sentence in English is "The cafe is to the side of the restaurant?"

2 months ago


I chose proximo and got it wrong. It suggested 'junto' or 'lado' which I agree are probably more clear/literal... but is proximo totally wrong? Is proximo only used in reference to non-tangible things like "next day" or "next in line"?

1 month ago


Proximo (accent over the first o) means "next" when used for things in an order or "near" when used for location. I don't think that it can be used as a substitute for 'next to'.

1 month ago


I used: El cafe esta al lado el restaurante, and got it wrong why?

1 month ago


Al lado doesn't literally translate to "next to" it means "to the side", so you need to make your "el" in front of restaurant into a "del". That way you're saying "to the side of the restaurant" instead of "to the side the restaurant"

4 weeks ago

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The gave the same answer an got it wrong, as well. This, even though it was the same as the sentence they showed as the correct answer.

1 month ago


I recall the sentence "El gato duerme cerca…" which was given as "The cat sleeps next to..." So why is "cerca" wrong in this sentence?

1 month ago


No clue! I tried "proximo" and that doesn't work either

1 month ago


Why can't it be "Esta el cafe" rather than "El cafe esta"?

1 week ago


Can a native speaker tell us whether you'd never begin with "Esta"?

19 hours ago