I'm strengthening areas, but they are not showing as strengthened.

Macbook Pro, newest version, using Firefox.

April 27, 2014


Hello Matthew, I think the reason for this is you may be strengthening them but not strengthening them till they are gold making it hard to tell if they have been refreshed. Although you may have earned maybe 2-3 maybe even 4 skill points, you haven't got enough points to have compensated for all the lessons in each lesson. In other words try again this time try to at least get 5 points and if you just can't they press practice again every time you finish until altogether it will = at least 5.

I think that was the problem. I needed to keep strengthening. :) That was an old post and I'm not having that problem anymore.

Also read this (source is from a duolingo expert)

"Hi! what browser are you using? I just mentioned this following to another community member who was experiencing some microphone woes: "I'd suggest using the latest version of Chrome because Duolingo works best there. If you're on firefox you're going to want to check that flash is installed. You'll need to make sure that you authorize Duolingo to have access to your microphone in the Flash privacy settings. Go here: Once you've done this, make sure you also have the microphone enabled in your account settings at Finally, close your browser and open it again." Let me know if this helps!,"

Try this: use the strengthen skilled button at home menu and it will work for all of your skills! Happy language learning!

I would suggest Safari if possible.

I'm having the same problem with Kindle fire app.

Wish I could help you. I had that problem ages ago, and I kept doing it and it was ultimately satisfied. Good luck!

Having the same problem on PC and Tablet. Despite successfully completing the last bar, it freezes and doesn't turn gold. Reported several times but keeps happening.

Wow. Usually they're pretty prompt. Have you tried a different Browser? I'd keep sending the help people messages on that one!

Have tried different browser and really sent a lot of help mails on this but the problem just seems to get worse. It's like walking up the down escalator.

Yes, I sent a help message recently and have had no response. It's free. I guess we can only expect so much? Good luck.

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