What is actually the difference between för, till and åt?

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I just finished the preposition lesson but unfortunately I still struggle with with the preposition " for ".

Tack för fisken! Vi äter ägg till frukost! Kocken lagar mat åt oss.

Min fråga är:

När använder jag för, till och åt? / When do I use för, till and åt?

Side note: Is " Kocken lagar mat till oss " possible too?


June 12, 2018


Well basically Till = To Ge den till mig Give it to me Han lagar mat till mig He cooks food to me (maybe in English you can use "for" here too

För = for Han gör det för mig He does it for me PS. Istället för means instead of

Åt = To/Towards/for Could be "to" as in a direction or as in instead of me or for me Han gjorde mina läxor åt mig He did my homework for me like he did it for you so you don't have to do it

Vi gick hemåt We went homewards/towards our home Yes Kocken lagar mat till oss is correct Also åt oss would be correct but för technically could be correct but it is not really used in this way

Till and För usually are NOT interchangable but the can usully be changed with Åt Please ask questions and ask with examples I can correct them

Ps sorry for rambling

June 12, 2018

Oh, don't worry. You can ramble anytime. I appreciate every answer I get :D Och tack för ditt svar! Your description is a big help :-)

June 12, 2018

Hehe varsågod vännen :) Säg till om det är något mer som du undrar om

June 12, 2018

Jag ska :3 Tack så mycket!

June 12, 2018

To ensure I have this right- Beg pardon for mistakes in grammar, I'm still starting out.

Till. Used (generally) to denote subject to indirect object action. eg. Han ge ett äpple till mig. He (subject) gives/is giving an apple (object) to me (indirect object)

För - seems to carry a level of intent, but in the case: "Vakten kommer för mig" - Would I be implying that: a) I'm in big trouble, b) That the guards are coming on my side, c) It's ambiguous d) other, please specify.

I've also been told that - Vi äter älgarna för frukost - would be a strange use of " för" - I assume that's because the sentence implies that our breakfast has incited us to eat the large animals.

Åt - Implies either location or replacement? Jag äter era fruktar åt er - based off your example, would imply I did it so they didn't have to. I can work with that.

When used to mean location, I think I see that mot is used when the place/thing you're going to is trying to get away Mot - Vargen springer mot älgen åt - Studenten springer åt bökerna Have I got that right?

August 22, 2018
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